Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Guess Who Is Media?

Media BasilI got to tell you about this one. The other day, the president of the South Atlantic League (to which the local minor league baseball team, the Columbus Catfish belong) was in town. It was unannounced. The old newsman in me kicked in, and I thought "Hey, why not see if I can get an interview with him and put to rest rumors about the Catfish leaving?" Remember now that news reports said that Columbia, South Carolina had made overtures to the Catfish, with one paper saying an agreement had been reached.

Anyway, when I heard that John Moss (SAL president) was there, I approached the Catfish staff about getting an interview. They said they needed something on letterhead. So, since my laptop was in the car, I went and got it, and I wrote something up. And gave it to them. I listed myself as the person authorized to represent this little blog for news events.

They thought about this. After all, they were sending me the same reports they send the "traditional media" in town. And I did have news and sports background in radio. Yeah, that was almost 30 years ago, but still. Anyway, they approved my request! For media credentials. But Moss said "no" to an interview. So, no scoop about the Catfish at that time. I had to wait until Tuesday night to "scoop" the local media (TV and newspaper) about the Catfish staying in Columbus.

But, I'm still claiming this as a breakthrough for the "new media" of blogs. Or on-line magazines. Or whatever the heck we are.

Okay, it's not quite getting White House credentials. Unless they find some of those old pictures of me. But we won't talk about that.

No, it's only a Class-A baseball team. But it is that much.

Okay, would they have said "yes" if I hadn't been a fan of the Catfish? Probably not. But if I wasn't a fan of the Catfish, I wouldn't have been at the games anyway. And I wouldn't be blogging about them. But I am a fan. And I do blog about them.

And now, I am not just a blogger. The recognize me for who I am. I am media.

Hear me roar.

Live-Blogging Catfish Baseball

Go Catfish!If the weather holds out, you'll be getting updates throughout the game.

Yes, I'm Live-Blogging the Columbus Catfish baseball game.

My doing this doesn't technically violate the agreement with the local radio station that is broadcasting the game. And we'll see how well the weather and the laptop hold out.

More in a little bit.

Headline News 2006-08-31

From ABC News:
Americans Contribute Millions for Relief
U.N. offers to handle disbursment of funds

From ABC News:
'School of the Future' Promises Next-Generation Education
Wesley Crusher graduates at top of class

From ABC News:
S.F. Man Convicted of Severing Dog's Ear
Not the same jury that acquitted Lorena Bobbitt

From ABC News:
Neb. Residents Plagued by Gibberish Calls
Howard Dean seeks funds in the Plains States

From ABC News:
College Posts Sex-Assault Ads in Urinals
"Have you seen this penis?"

From ABC News:
Chicago Mayor Apologizes for Corruption
Richard J. Daley, Jr. promises: "I'll clean this town up, I swear on my father's grave!"

From ABC News:
Poll: Bush Approval at a Career Low
Not expected to seek third term

From ABC News:
First land animals may have shuffled not walked
Much like Michael Moore

From ABC News:
Woman sues over harvesting of brother's brain
Hospital defends: "He wasn't using it"

From ABC News:
Coroner Trying to Link 300 Fetal Remains
Wants to set record for World's Largest Fetus

Covered Dish Supper: 8/31/2005

Word of shutting down gas pumps locally (maybe just a rumor, but taking no chances; by the time you read this, it'll be too late!) means that we're asking you again to supply supper this evening. Yes, it's another Open TrackBack post.

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If you need help with TrackBacks, Harvey of Bad Example has an excellent primer here. And, if you really have some time to kill, check out more about TrackBacks than you ever wanted to know here.

Delta - Good Goes Around

Rumors ran all around Columbus that gas stations were being closed by the city at 4:00 PM. Not true. But there were lines of nearly an hour reported by co-workers who left to fill up before the "closing." There were small lines at the stations I passed at 5:50 PM.

While trying to verify or debunk the rumor, I ran across this at the AJC. Click for a better view:

UPDATE: Rumors at other places in Columbus also had the stations closing. They didn't. Other rumors said when stations here run out, they'd be out till Monday.

Rumors. Are we going to have another "Johnny Carson/Toilet Paper Shortage" situation?

UPDATE 2: Gas at the lowest station I pass every day went up 59¢ since yesterday. From $2.47 to $3.06. Before they ran out.

UPDATE 3: Others, including my "traditional media" friend The Sportslady noticed the long rumor-induced lines.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'll Take InstaPundit's Links!

It turns out some people are upset with Glenn Reynolds. You know him, right? InstaPundit? The Big Bad Blog Daddy? Yeah, him.

Professor Reynolds has upset some people with comments he made in a recent post:
I think that demonizing the ACLU is a bit silly. I do feel that they've
become overly partisan in recent years, but they still do good work
(I've worked with them in the past, on the New Orleans rave case for
example, and will probably do so again.)
Euphoric Reality sends word that some conservative or right-leaning blogs are upset with InstaPundit's attitude about the ACLU, with some additionally upset about Reynold's response to an e-mail that mentioned InstaPundit's removal from a BlogRoll over the post:
That's okay -- there are plenty of blogs out there, and this guy would clearly be happier somewhere else.
So, if you have a blog, you have a decision to make: To keep InstaPundit or to dump InstaPundit?

Well, I've to the answer: DO BOTH!!

How, you ask? Link to InstaPundit through this little blog! I mean, even if you don't like what Glenn Reynolds said, there's a chance you'll still read or refer to his blog as a source of information or a lead/source of tips. And, you might want to refer to a post of his.

But if you've decided you want to "de-link" InstaPundit, you can still refer to him without giving him the links. Give them to me instead! Remember this post?

Here's how you'd link to InstaPundit:

Here's how you'd link to his "ACLU does good work" post:

So, to link to InstaPundit or a post on his site, preface it with

After that part, put what you would normally put for the link.

Because I wrote code here on this little blog to handle this, the link is to here, but takes your readers to InstaPundit when they click it. But InstaPundit doesn't get a link in the Ecosystem. I get that link!

Yes, it's a blatant link-whoring scheme. And it works for any site you don't want to reward with links. It doesn't punish them on hits, but they lose links.

That'll show them. And put this little blog in the top ten, if enough get mad at Glenn Reynolds.

By the way, did you hear what he said about you? And about your mama? I'd de-link him if I were you. And use the Give-Basil-All-Of-InstaPundit's-Links method.

UPDATE: InstaPundit himself calls me a "vulture." Gosh, Professor Reynolds. You don't look dead. But if you say so.

Anyway he adds:
As in New Orleans, it doesn't take long for the vultures to appear!  Is this "link-looting?"  Heh.
Keeping in line with the New Orleans analogy, I want to be the first to issue the call for President Bush to call InstaPundit a disaster area and eligible for federal assistance. Of course, he'd have to remove that notice:
InstaPundit:  An online magazine of opinion!

And thinks for the link!

[Listed on Outside the Beltway Traffic Jam]

Catfish Lose, Columbus Wins

Go Catfish!The Columbus Catfish dropped a one-run game to the Augusta Greenjackets (Giants) tonight, 9-8. And with the loss, were officially eliminated from the playoff picture.

But not all the news was bad. Today, the Catfish signed an agreement with the city of Columbus to play in town another three years.

There had been rumors around town and in the Columbia, South Carolina newspaper that the Catfish were moving to the Captial City. But the Catfish are staying in Columbus.

Previously, I've made my feelings known that I'm thrilled we have a pro baseball team here, but would not be surprised if we lost the team to a city that would support it better than Columbus does. But, although they couldn't tell me anything, Catfish staff had too much of an upbeat attitude about the team for me to believe the rumors. And, sure enough, negotiations between the team and the city paid off.

So, unless I get hit by a bus or something, I expect I'll be attending another 210 home games during the next three years. And, who knows? I might just blog about those games.

More on tonight's loss from the Columbus Catfish:

Headline News 2005-08-30

From ABC News:
Poll: 'Peace Mom' Has Changed Few Minds
The downside of being an idiot

From ABC News:
Farmer Gets 700 Replies to Cornfield Ad
Most are from Nigerian corn farmers wanting to export 26,000,000 bushels of corn

From ABC News:
Ostrich Gets Loose on Golden Gate Bridge
This time people stopped, unlike when Susan Estrich got loose on the bridge

From ABC News:
Vet: Dead Rabbit Looks Like a Jackalope
Vet still has never Kippled

From ABC News:
Bush Cancels Vacation to Focus on Relief
Gulf states get relief from hurricane, rest of country gets relief from "Cindy Sheehan."

From ABC News:
Interactive: A Closer Look at John Paul II
Beginning to show signs of decay

From ABC News:
World's Oldest Person Dies in Netherlands
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Calif. to bar state-funded Viagra to sex offenders
Bill to face stiff opposition

From CNN:
Democrat to ask Roberts about torture memo
Roberts offers to demonstrate

From Reuters:
Mayor criticized for welcoming S&M festival
Responds: "I'm a naughty mayor and I need to be spanked!"

Covered Dish Supper: 8/30/2005

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Monday, August 29, 2005

How Many Backs Could A TrackBack Track If A TrackBack Could Track Backs

A word you see a lot is on blogs, and a source of irritation to many, is "TrackBacks."

Just what is a TrackBack? Go ahead. Explain it to me. I'll wait.

I'm waiting....

Not all that easy to explain, is it? So, I'm going to take a shot. And, perhaps, make an ass out of myself. If you learn something, great. If not, well you can laugh at my pathetic attempts to explain TrackBacks. So, this post ought to be a winner either way, huh?

Headline News 2005-08-29

From ABC News:
Ad Says Roberts Supports Anti-Abortion Violence
Ignores Roberts calls advocating clubbing baby seals, burning black churches, and drinking babies blood

From Sky News:
Pan-tastic! World's First Toilet College
Students shocked when they discover what the diplomas are printed on

From Monsters and Critics:
Tom Cruise says bizarre quotes a fiction
Just like Scientology

From AFP:
Communist official has three wives, gets 18 years
He asked for death penalty

From AFP:
Dolphins, seals, porpoises spotted in London's River Thames: survey
Are striped in other British rivers

From CNN:
Jesse Jackson offers support to Venezuela's Chavez
Vows to kick Pat Robertson's ass

From CNN:
Do bikes slow Oregon's obesity rate?
Or does Oregon obesity rate slow bikes

From CNN:
Documents show Roberts backed school prayer
Democrats shocked to discover Christian conservative supports prayer

From WEWS:
Goat found tied up at restaurant
Was looking for Cubs game on TV

From CNN:
Report: More journalists killed in Iraq than Vietnam
Aim getting better

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where's All My Stolen Oil?

Precision Guided Humor"You've got mail!" came the sound. I minimized my browser and clicked on the e-mail program. It was from Harvey. The subject: Where's The Oil?

I knew this day would come. Dare I tell? I clicked on the e-mail.

According to all the crazy people I talk to, the only reason George W. Bush invaded Iraq was to steal all the oil from the Iraqi people.

Then today I see this headline: "Crude Oil Rises to $68"

WTF? I know for a FACT that we stole BILLIONS of gallons of oil from Iraq since 2003, but where the hell is it? I'm paying more for a gallon of gas than I am for a gallon of milk, and that's just WRONG! I need to blame someone! I want an explanation!

What happened to all the oil that President Bush stole from Iraq?

Why was he asking me? Did he know about my involvement? Or was he guessing? Or just a coincidence that he asked me, of all people?

I closed the e-mail, grabbed a Coca-Cola from the kitchen and sat down in the rocking chair. My mind wandered for a moment as I tried to focus on the things I had put out of my mind. My SECRET clearance in the Army gave me access to information that I really didn't want access to. But, it was my job. With what I knew, I could only wonder what someone with a TOP SECRET clearance knew. I shudder to think.

Well, now I had a decision to make: What to do about Harvey's question. I had to think.

Headline News 2005-08-28

From ABC News:
Man Found Locked in Women's Prison Cell
He had the keys

From ABC News:
Calif. AG Wants Warning Label on Fries
McDonald's wants warning label on California

From ABC News:
Palestinian suicide bomber strikes in Israel
Proponents of Gaza pullout vindicated

From ABC News:
Palestinian Leader Condemns Suicide Bomber
Will have stern words for bomber when he meets up with him in Hell

From ABC News:
Iraq's Shiites split violently
Added to list of things they do violently

From ABC News:
Africa's cellphone boom creates a base for low-cost banking
Coming soon to your cellphone: The Nigerian Scam

From ABC News:
New Process May Lead to Mad Cow Diagnosis
To be tested on Oprah

From ABC News:
MTV Adds Broadband Coverage for VMAs
Rap shootings now available online

From ABC News:
AOL Gives Away Spammer's Loot
While AOL takes spammer's loot, cellmate Big Tony taking spammer's booty

From ABC News:
Kennedy Urges More Money for Education
Adds: "And liquor. And hookers. In fact, forget the money for education."

Catfish Fall To Savannah

Eighth Inning Savannah Rally Lifts Gnats to 7-4 Win Over Fish
Savannah Beats Columbus 3-1 in Four-Game Set and 13-11 in Season Series

SAVANNAH, GA-Savannah 3B Ofilio Castro drove in three runs including two with a double in the bottom of the eighth inning as the Sand Gnats beat the Catfish 7-4 this afternoon at Grayson Stadium. The win gives the Sand Gnats a 13-11 season series victory over the Fish and a three games to one win in the four-game set. The matchup was the final road game of the season for Columbus, who finished 27-42 on the road this season but 17-17 away from Golden Park in the second half. For the second straight day, CF Ryan Carter hit a home run, a two-run blast in the fourth. The Catfish return home tomorrow for the final eight games of the season sporting a 57-71 overall record (29-30 2nd half),

Carter's homer gave the Fish a 2-0 lead against RHP Collin Balester in the top of the fourth inning. It was his seventh HR of the month and his team leading 12th on the season. LHP Scott Elbert started for Columbus and while he had thrown 19 straight scoreless innings, he allowed a pair of runs to Savannah on a two-run single by DH Doug Vroman to tie the game in the bottom of the fourth. Against RHP Brian Akin in the fifth and sixth innings, Savannah plated a run in each of the frames to take a 4-2 advantage.

Columbus scored a run in the seventh on a 1B Dan Batz sacrifice fly and tied the game on a solo HR by SS Dominique Laurin in the eighth inning. Savannah scored three runs against Catfish closer RHP Albenis Castillo to beat the Fish 7-4 at Grayson Stadium. Tomorrow the Fish come back to Golden Park at 7:00 PM to take on the Augusta GreenJackets (San Francisco Giants) with RHP Chris Malone (9-5, 3.47 ERA) taking the hill for the Fish.

Brunch: 8/28/2005

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Catfish Doubleheader Split With Savannah

CatfishRHP Steve Nelson's Complete Game Three-Hitter Gives Catfish Doubleheader Split
Fish Fall 8-6 to Savannah in Game 1; Win 3-1 in Second Game

SAVANNAH, GA—RHP Steve Nelson tossed a complete game three-hitter and CF Ryan Carter hit his team-leading 11th HR of the season to give the Columbus Catfish a 3-1 win in the second game of a doubleheader with the Savannah Sand Gnats and a doubleheader split tonight at Grayson Stadium. The Fish lost the first game 8-6 despite a grand slam HR by C Chris Westervelt and two separate rallies before taking the second game 3-1. The Fish trail 2-1 in the series with Savannah and 11-12 in the overall season series. With nine games left to play, the Fish sport a 57-69 overall record with a 29-28 mark in the second half, Savannah is 56-71 and 25-34 in the second half.

The first game of the doubleheader was a seesaw affair. With Savannah leading 1-0 on a 1B Rich Lane homer, the Catfish stormed back with four in the fourth inning on one swing of the bat. C Chris Westervelt hit a grand slam to left to give the Fish a 4-1 cushion. Savannah answered quickly against RHP Nate Hochgesang, the Catfish starter, who allowed four Sand Gnat runs to score in the fourth as Savannah took a 5-4 lead. In the fifth inning, 2B David Nicholson homered to tie the game, and 1B Dan Batz's RBI single put the Fish back on top 6-5. With RHP Blake Johnson on in relief for Columbus, Savannah scored two runs to earn the lead back, eventually holding on to the victory by an 8-6 margin.

CF Ryan Carter broke a scoreless pitcher's duel in the second game between Catfish RHP Steve Nelson and Savannah RHP David Trahan with a three-run HR over the left-field wall. It was all the offense the Fish got and needed behind Nelson, who allowed just a Devin Ivany RBI double in the seventh inning for a complete-game three hitter in the victory. Nelson retired the side in order four times during the game and gave up just two singles, a double, a walk, and a hit-batsman. Tomorrow the Catfish play their final road game of the season when LHP Scott Elbert (8-5, 2.72 ERA) takes on Savannah RHP Collin Balester at 2:05 PM at Grayson Stadium.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Alliance Of The Anonymous

AllianceI've tried to be very careful about joining alliances and groups. Some I've avoided, not because I didn't think they'd be worthwhile to join, but because I didn't think I'd be a useful member. I joined the Alliance of Free Blogs and have tried to contribute there. I've joined Homespun Bloggers and have participated in some of the topics for posts. But I've had to delay joining other blogging groups because of my schedule on the blog, at work, and at home. But, thanks to a link I found over at Beth's, I've found an Alliance for which I certainly qualify: The Alliance Of The Anonymous.

And you can't join.

Or can you?

Brunch: 8/27/2005

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Boy, Did I Make A Stupid Suggestion

I got an e-mail from phin yesterday. He and I both contribute columns at the Alliance of Free Blogs. He's the Blog Tips Guru. I'm the Blog Tips Guru staff.

Anyway, phin made a suggestion regarding a feature to add to the Alliance blog, and asked me for my opinion. I won't get into exactly what his suggestion was right now. And while I said his suggestion was a good idea (I did have some questions; I always have questions), I made a suggestion for something to supplement his idea.

My idea? A chat room for the Alliance members.

What was I thinking?

That had to be the stupidest suggestion I ever made. Adding a chatroom to the Alliance? I'm now thinking it was a bad idea.

Why, you ask? Well, have you ever been to a chatroom? Everything's all nice and sweet then someone says something then dishes are thrown and furniture is kicked over. Or something like that.

You see, it's been a while since I've been in a chatroom. Years, in fact. Until recently.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Headline News 2005-08-26

From ABC News:
Chinese Try to Get Chimp to Quit Smoking
Will try radical approach called "not giving him cigarettes"

From ABC News:
Breastfeeding Mom Arrested in Mistaken Identity
Policeman never even saw her face

From ABC News:
Music Producer Missing After Frantic Calls
Olivia Newton-John dating again

From ABC News:
Jewish Population in West Bank Expanding
More McDonald's meals being super-sized

From ABC News:
Flight Experiences Jive With NWA Reports
Jeff Jarrett recounts experience *

From ABC News:
Chimps Learn By Watching Others -- Just Like Humans
Chimp starts blog criticizing "Bushy McHitler"

From ABC News:
Pa. Student Hackers Quietly Offered Deals
Not quietly enough to keep it out of the news

From ABC News:
Brazil says Amazon deforestation slows down
Credit given to Jennifer Anniston, Eric Cartman, a monkey, and a big stick *

From ABC News:
Can Mind, Body Workouts Hold Off Memory Loss?
What was the question again?

From ABC News:
Singer Marc Cohn Describes Terrifying Shooting
Hopes next shooting will be much more pleasant

Supper: 8/26/2005

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Catfish Fall 14-9 in Suspended Game Continuation

CatfishCatfish Fall 14-9 in Suspended Game Continuation; Second Game Rained Out
5-0 Lead Evaporates When Savannah Scores 12 in the Third Inning; Rain Forces Doubleheader Saturday at 6:35

SAVANNAH, GA— - An early 5-0 Catfish lead turned into a stinging defeat at the hands of Savannah when the Gnats scored 12 runs in the third inning to beat Columbus 14-9 at Grayson Stadium. The game was a continuation of yesterday's suspended game in which a power failure caused stoppage of play in the top of the third inning. The second game of the doubleheader was postponed due to heavy rains and wet field conditions at Grayson Stadium, forcing a doubleheader Saturday at 6:35 PM. CF Ryan Carter had three RBI and two hits while RF Sergio Pedroza drove in two runs in a 2-5 performance in the 14-9 loss.  Savannah now holds an 11-10 advantage over the Catfish with three to play in the season series. Columbus falls to 56-69, 28-28 in the second half while Savannah improves to 56-70 overall, 24-34 in the second half.

Yesterday the Catfish jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first inning of the series opener. RF Sergio Pedroza drove in a run with a double to make it 1-0, and CF Ryan Carter drove home a pair with a double to left center to give the Fish a 3-0 lead. With two outs, a 1B Dan Batz double and a C Gabriel Gutierrez triple scored the fourth run, with 2B Justin Crist capping the inning with an RBI single. RHP Chris Malone tossed two solid innings for the Catfish, walking one and striking out two. Today, the game resumed in the third inning.

The Fish went in order in the third against Savannah RHP Somer Gonzalez, but Savannah scored 12 runs on 9 hits in the bottom of the third. LHP Chad Bailey allowed 11 runs (6 earned), as 16 Savannah hitters came to the plate in the third, and at one point 11 straight reached base. Savannah SS Seth Bynum had two RBI singles in the 3rd inning. RHP Jordan Pratt came out of the bullpen to retire the final two hitters of the inning. Tomorrow the Catfish and Sand Gnats will play two seven-inning games starting at 6:35 PM. RHP Nate Hochgesang (1-0, 3.38 ERA) starts for the Catfish in the first game, while RHP Steve Nelson (4-3, 5.15 ERA) is the second game starter.

Lunch: 8/26/2005

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Breakfast: 8/26/2005

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Evil Glenn's Summer Camp

A Filthy LieEvil Glenn Reynolds ™ looked out the window of his car. This looked like it.

"Kevin!" Evil Glenn ™ called.

"Yes, Boss?" came the response from the driver.

"This exit," ordered Evil Glenn ™.

Kevin signaled and turned the vehicle onto the exit ramp. Following Evil Glenn's ™ directions, he drove north for a quarter-mile, then turned right. After crossing the bridge onto Blue Heron Island, it was about 5 miles before the left turn.

"Much longer, Boss?" asked Kevin.

"Patience," came the reply.

Suddenly there it was. Kevin drove through the gate, past the sign: Camp Glynn. *

"We're going to have to fix that spelling," mused Evil Glenn Reynolds ™.

Catfish 5, Savannah 0 (Suspended)

CatfishPower Failure Causes Suspension of Catfish-Savannah Game 1
Catfish Lead 5-0 in the Top of the 3rd Inning; Game Will Resume at 1:05 PM Tomorrow and Continue with Game 2 Immediately Afterwards

SAVANNAH, GA— - A right-field light tower power outage at Savannah's Grayson Stadium caused the suspension of tonight's Columbus Catfish-Savannah Sand Gnats' Series Opener. With the Fish leading 5-0 in the top of the third inning, one of the light banks in right-field failed to turn on, leading to the suspension of tonight's game. The game will continue in the top of the third inning tomorrow starting at 1:05 PM in Savannah. The second game of the series, originally scheduled for 7:05 PM, will now begin immediately following the completion of the first game.

The Catfish took a 5-0 lead in the first inning against LHP Ricardo Morales. RF Sergio Pedroza drove in a run with a double to make it 1-0, and CF Ryan Carter drove home a pair with a double to left center to give the Fish a 3-0 lead. With two outs, a 1B Dan Batz double and a C Gabriel Gutierrez triple scored the fourth run, with 2B Justin Crist capping the inning with an RBI single. RHP Chris Malone tossed two solid innings for the Catfish, walking one and striking out two.

The game resumes at 1:05 PM tomorrow with DH Chris Westervelt leading off the third inning for Columbus and the Fish on top 5-0. Check for precise radio/internet broadcasting scheduling details for tomorrow afternoon's games.

Headline News: 2005-08-25

From ABC News:
Miss America Wants Out of Atlantic City
Just like everyone else there

From ABC News:
'Excusable Homicide' in McDonald's Parking Lot
Suspect: "If I wanted to super-size it, I'd have ordered it super-sized!"

From ABC News:
Sperm banking gives cancer patients emotional lift
Especially when making a deposit

From ABC News:
Post Office Renamed to Honor Ray Charles
L. A. Post Office is now the "Dead Blind Guy Federal Building"

From WGAL:
Truck full of aspirin stolen
Now driver has a huge headache

Hurricane Katrina blows ashore
And sucks when over ocean

From NY Times:
Florida State Can Keep Its Seminoles
Promises to feed, clean up after them every day

From NY Times:
Seeking the Holy Grail
We've already got one

From Reuters:
Missing teen actress Scout Taylor-Compton found
Actress so unknown, no one knew she was missing

From Reuters:
Montana's governor eyes coal to solve U.S. fuel costs
Suggests horseless carriage to relieve transportation woes

Supper: 8/25/2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:

Patrick Ruffini's Straw Poll

Patrick Ruffini's Straw Poll for GOP presidential candidates is showing some interesting results. Rudy Guliani is leading the pack. But, if you throw the fantasy candidates (as opposed to the "reality" candidates), then Condoleeza Rice runs away with it.

Go vote. I mean, why not, right? If you are likely to vote GOP, then you can voice your opinion. If you are likely to vote Democratic (or anti-GOP, which isn't really the same thing), you can screw with them.

I mean, there's no downside!

Lunch: 8/25/2005

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Breakfast: 8/25/2005

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chain Of Command

I've read and watch and listened to about all I really want to read, watch, or listen to regarding Cindy Sheehan and her opposition to our troops.

What's that? She doesn't oppose our troops? Well, I got news for you. Her opposition to the Commander-In-Chief of our troops is opposition to our troops. And if you oppose the Commander-In-Chief of troops, you're opposing our troops.

Now, don't get your panties in a wad. Just yet, anyway. If you don't like the President's policies regarding tax cuts, that's not opposing the Commander-In-Chief. If you oppose the President's policies regarding oil and engery, that's not opposing the Commander-In-Chief. If you oppose the President's nominee to the Supreme Court, that's not opposing the Commander-In-Chief.

But, if you oppose his actions as Commander-In-Chief, you're opposing the troops.

You see, in the military, there's this little thing called a chain of command. Let's take an Army soldier with the rank of Specialist. He's got a chain of command. His Squad Leader, usually a Sergeant, is the first link in chain. Then the average Specialist has a platoon leader, usually a Lieutenant. Then, there's a Company Commander, usually a Captain. Then, there's a Battalion Commander, usually a Lieutenant Colonel. Then a Brigade Commander, usually a Colonel. Next is a Division Commander, usually a Major General. Then a Corps Commander, usually a Lieutenant General. Then an Theatre Commander, usually a General. Next is the Army Chief of Staff, usually a General. Then the Secretary of the Army, a civilian. Then the Secretary of Defense, a civilian. The the Commander-In-Chief, which, according to the U. S. Constitution, is the President of the United States.

In the military, the Chain of Command is important. Extremely important. Life and death important. If you've served, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, go find a soldier and talk to him. He'll explain it. But understand that the Chain of Command is critical to the success of any Army. You break the chain, you break the Army.

So, if you want to oppose the President's domestic or foreign policies, fine. Knock yourself out. Hey, I don't agree with everything George W. Bush says and does. But when it comes to leading our troops, he's the Commander-In-Chief. If you want to oppose his policies regarding the war, fine. Do it in a respectful manner, and not like these crazies:

Idiots and traitors all.

Visit Outside The Beltway Traffic Jam

Headline News 2005-08-24

From ABC News:
Woman Offended by Doc's Obesity Advice
Seeks second opinion, is told she's fat and a crybaby

From ABC News:
Malaysian Arrested With Porn in Underwear
Ordered to keep penis in briefcase

From ABC News:
US evangelist apologizes for Chavez remarks
Didn't mean to alert him to what is coming

From ABC News:
Palestinian kills Jew in Jerusalem
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Faster than expected, Israel completes pullout
Rolls over, goes to sleep

From UPN 34:
Virtual Cafeteria Debuts In Texas School
Menu includes spam burgers, digital fries

From ABC News:
Ad dropped featuring nun holding condom
New ad to show her putting one on with her teeth approved

From ABC News:
Pitt, Jolie Visit Canada Dinosaur Exhibit
Favorite exhibit is the Canuckosaur

From ABC News:
Playboy to hit Internet with digital edition
Company preparing for opposition to pictures of naked women on the Internet

From ABC News:
Reid Makes First Appearance After Stroke
Still doesn't make any sense when he talks

From CNN:
Reality show for sperm donors
Now fans will know why the show is called "Big Brother"

Supper: 8/24/2005

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Mu Nu, Where Are You?


Mu.Nu blogs are back online!

In the meantime, should further issues arise, this post is for links to those still operating on "backup" mode.

At the bottom of this post is a BlogRoll of MuNu backup sites, based upon information I've received. Be aware that this is not an "Official MuNu Backup Sites BlogRoll." Pixy Misa would have one of those, but was busy getting all the Munuvians back online. Although MuNu is back up, if you still want to be added to the BlogRoll, I'll update as I'm able. Currently, there is no listing of backup sites on the MuNu Emergency Blog.

So, if you have a MuNu blog, and you have a backup site you want to list, leave a trackback to your backup/emergency site here. Free TrackBacks, no link requried; these are extraordinary circumstances.

Here are the ones I know about, in order of most recent update:

Other bloggers who offered MuNu support today are:

Lunch: 8/24/2005

The crash of MuNu is the topic of the day. For lunch, try one of these MuNu backup sites:

Breakfast: 8/24/2005

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So, What's Up With TTLB Ecosystem

There's been some questions going around about the Ecosystem rankings. First, Michelle Malkin displaced InstaPundit for a couple of days at the top. That got some folks talking. Then, several blogs, including this little one and some others with whom I have off-line communications, dropped suddenly.

Now, I've picked on NZ Bear a little bit from time to time, mostly in fun. Because I really do respect what he does and how much he contributes.

Most of the time, what I've written has had to do with this little blog's surprisingly high ranking in the Ecosystem. When I write about that, some people take it that I'm looking for compliments. I'm not. But I am amazed that this little blog is as successful as it is.

The Ecosystem, based upon links to blogs, is the preferred method of ego-stoking for many blogs, including this little blog. And when, for a short period of time, we reached #18, I was amazed. Naturally, it didn't last and we dropped to #120. But we've been climbing again, and cracked the top 40. Now a small drop of 17 spots has hit. And others have lost links in the middle of the day. And some wonder why.

Now, I don't know for sure, but I've had some experience in gathering data and working with databases from large pools of information. And, that essentially what NZ Bear is doing with TTLB Ecosystem.

Here's what I think has been going on. Now, it's just my opinion, and I could be wrong, but I suspect I'm close to correct.

With the large number of blogs that Bear has to count, he can't count them all at once. So, I suspect he counts different blogs at different times of the day. And quite possibly, not all on every day.

When he counts the data on the blogs, I understand he only counts the data on the front page. And many blogs keep either a certain number of posts, or a certain number of days worth of posts, on the front page.

What all this means is that when he counts the links on the blogs, he can't have up-to-the-minute information. There's just too much to count. But, he counts them on a regular basis and gets as close to real-time data as he can.

This means that early in the morning, we might be #38. But later in the day, when he's updated info from certain sites that used to contain links to us, those links have dropped off, and the updated info shows us at #55.

Now, again, I'm not sure about all this. But I think it's a good idea about how it all works and why things suddenly change in the middle of the day.

It's an enormous undertaking that NZ Bear is operating. And he does a heckuva job. So, this little blog being ranked as high as it is, is not a problem with NZ Bear. It's with some crazy bloggers that for some reason think this little blog is worthy of linking.

Thank goodness for crazy bloggers. They rock!

After Game Snack: 8/23/2005

Rather than offer the usual excuses, I decided to post these specials with your after-game snack:

Catfish 5, Greenville 3

Go Catfish!The Catfish concluded the home stand with a win tonight over the Greenville Bombers (Red Sox), 5-3. After jumping out to an early lead  5-0 lead, the Catfish relied on their pitching staff to shut the Bombers down. The bullpen has been shaky of late, but tonight held until the ninth inning, when Greenville closed the gap to 2 runs. But then things settled down, and the Catfish earned the split.

Our player, Dan Batz, enjoying having family in the stands for most of the home stand, had another double tonight. Dan is second on the roster in several offensive categories, including hits, doubles, at-bats, games played, total bases, stolen bases, and on-base percentage. Dan has quietly been one of the stars of the team. And that doesn't even take into consideration his fielding prowess. He's been a consistent player the entire year.

The president of the South Atlantic League was at the game tonight, and got to see 519 people in the stands. I didn't think that many were there (I counted 26 when the National Anthem was sung). I'm thinking the announced figures included the people buying gas at the Spectrum station across the street from the stadium. And that's a shame. The Catfish deserve more than the locals are giving.

More on the game from the Columbus Catfish:

Headline News: 8/23/2005

From AP:
Turkmen President Bans Lip Synching
Now, bar patrons cannot laugh at karaoke participants, but instead, the president of Turkmenistan

From AP:
Olivia Newton-John's Boyfriend Missing
Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson issue joint statement of support for singer

From Reuters:
U.S. evangelist calls for assassination of Chavez
Finally, the right has its own 'Michael Moore'

From Reuters:
Europeans call off key nuclear talks with Iran
Suddenly understanding George Bush more and more

From Reuters:
Judge rules New York can't ban graffiti party
Party moved to judge's house

From AP:
Man Charged With Reptile Smuggling
Apparently that WAS a snake in his trousers. But still, he was happy to see you

From Reuters:
Quadriplegic woman sails solo Britain to France
Tried several times to turn back, but couldn't

From Reuters:
Nun's wild dancing earns her a reprimand
Text of reprimand: "Oh, wicked, bad, naught evil Zoot!" *

From USA Today:
Gorilla divides town
Any way he wants to

From WorldNetDaily:
Ebay halts auction for Cindy Sheehan baseball
'Cindy' was incorrectly listed as 'Sports Equipment' rather than 'Food Items - Fruits & Nuts'

Lunch: 8/23/2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:

Breakfast: 8/23/2005

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Monday, August 22, 2005

I Demand to Speak To…

Precision Guided HumorSo Cindy Sheehan demands to talk to the President. Well, she did before Karl Rove caused her mother's stroke. Perhaps she'll get through her mother's situation without suffering a loss. If so, I suspect she'll be back in the news demanding to talk to the President. Again.

In the meantime, there seems to be a dearth of people making demands to talk to famous people. And that's just wrong. There needs to be someone making such demands so that the mainstream media will have something to write about.

And I'm ready to do my part. I've demanded to talk to certain famous people. And since they didn't refuse my demands, I met with them and asked my questions. Now, I present the results of my meetings. And I expect full media coverage!

Catfish Fall To Greenville Again

CatfishFrom the Columbus Catfish:
Furious Late-Inning Rally Falls Short in 9-7 Loss to Greenville
Fish Score Five Unanswered in Final Two Innings; Back to .500 in Second Half

COLUMBUS, GA—With the tying run at second base and the winning run at first in the ninth inning, the Columbus Catfish had a chance to come all the way back from a 9-1 deficit tonight against the Greenville Bombers, but the rally fell two runs short in a 9-7 defeat. Columbus scored three runs in the eighth and three in the ninth inning but dropped their second consecutive 9-7 game. CF Ryan Carter homered for the sixth time this month for the Catfish in the loss, and 1B Dan Batz also contributed a pair of hits for the Fish. The Catfish fall back to .500 in the second half at 27-27 (55-68 overall) with the loss while Greenville moves to 28-29 in the second half (63-62) with the win. Greenville leads two games to one in the series and the season series is now tied at 11 with one to play.

Greenville scored the first four runs tonight, getting a pair of RBI from 1B Logan Sorenson and a homer for the second straight day by DH Andrew Pinckney. In the bottom of the fifth against starter LHP Mike Rozier, CF Ryan Carter homered off the scoreboard in left to put the Catfish on the board. Carter later had a double, and has hits in 18 of his last 20 games. Trailing 4-1. the Catfish bullpen gave up two more runs in the seventh and three in the eighth to allow Greenville to take a 9-1 lead.

On a single, a hit-batsman, and a walk, the Fish loaded the bases in the eighth with nobody out. PH Justin Crist drove in a run with a groundball that SS Chuck Jeroloman booted, allowing two runs to score. Trailing 9-4 in the ninth inning with two outs and the bases empty, six straight Columbus hitters reached base. SS Dominique Laurin drove in two with a single to right, and 3B Blake DeWitt drove in a run and brought the tying run to second with another RBI single. With the bases full and two outs, DH Steven Sapp flied out to end the contest. Tomorrow Columbus sends LHP Scott Elbert (7-5, 2.85 ERA) to the hill in the final game of the homestand against Greenville LHP Roger Lincoln (3-1, 4.60 ERA). First pitch is scheduled for 6:00 PM at Golden Park.

Headline News: 8/22/2005

From Yahoo!
700 kilos of mud stolen from bankrupt mine
Police on lookout for really stupid thieves

Inner-city living makes you fat
Super-sizing at rural McDonald's no longer adds pounds

French snipers target frogs
Now shooting each other

From Yahoo!/AP:
Connecticut Sues 'No Child Behind' Law
Suit alleges it's the federal government's fault Connecticut kids are stupid

From ABC News:
Researcher Feels Certain UFOs Exist
Same ones from planet he came from

From CNN:
Japanese-Americans interned during WWII get diplomas
First actual diploma issued from "School of Hard Knocks"

From CNN:
Eminem at the crossroads
Must decide whether to be a no-talent pseudo-rapper or a no-talent has-been

From CNN:
Synthesizer innovator Moog dies at 71
Music finally gets its revenge

From CNN:
Husbands hot topic in N.Y. Senate race
Albert Pirro, Bill Clinton in toss-up for who's hotter

From Yahoo!/AP:
Newly released documents portray Roberts as brash, conservative
Documents also portray the Sun as bright, hot

Supper: 8/22/2005

Due to an overwhelming schedule today, we ask you to bring your favorite dish to the menu. Yes, it's a Covered Dish Supper tonight.

Lunch: 8/22/2005

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Breakfast: 8/22/2005

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Go Give 'Em A Hug

We all experience loss from time to time. Some of us experience more loss than others. Some don't experience much loss. I've been fortunate enough to be in the latter camp.

Some people get all upset over the loss of possessions. Well, I've lost some possessions in my time. Not a lot, but some. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. Oh, at the time, it might seem like a big deal. But it's not.

No, the loss I'm talking about is a loved one. And, no, I haven't recently lost a loved one. So that's not the reason for this. But someone I met recently has lost someone. She doesn't want to say much about it, but that's because (it seems to me) that it's affected her in a deeply personal way.

I've been privileged to find a little more about her loss recently. And from the information I find, her loss is one shared by many. She lost a good person who has made a positive impact on many, many young people. So, while to her, she lost a family member, the community lost a champion and a hero.

The loss got me to thinking. And I hope it gets you to thinking.

Look around the people you see every day. Think about the family members you don't see every day. And think about what it would be like if you lost them. Because, you know, you just might.

Then go give 'em a hug.

Catfish Fall To Greenville

Go Catfish!The Catfish fell behind early, fought back, fell behind again, and fell short in a comeback today. Those ups and downs, along with a heat index in triple digits, made for a miserable day as the Catfish fell to the Greenville Bombers (Red Sox) 9-7 today.

Although it was only 94° at 2:00 PM, it did warm up a bit. The lack of a breeze made it feel even warmer, with reports of a heat index of 105° during the game.

Though falling behind by four, the Catfish caught up and tied Greenville. Then they fell behind by five, but didn't quit. But they didn't catch up, either, falling 2 runs short.

A scare in the ninth happened when Ryan Russ had to be removed when he injured himself on a fly out. He was being transported to a medical facility after the game in true Georgia-style: in the bed of a pick-up truck!

Our player, Dan Batz, had the day off until he was called on to pinch hit in the 9th inning. He never took the field on defense.

Game three of the series is tomorrow night.

More on the game from the Columbus Catfish:

Headline News: 8/21/2005

From The Register:
NatWest issues cash card to Dick Head
Bank defends: "Even a**holes deserve banking prividges"

From CNN:
Bush supporters create opposing camp
Pro-Bush camp know as "1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division"

From Reuters:
Most Americans have allergies
New report nothing to sneeze at

From CNN:
Bush, Cleland offer clashing views on Iraq
President who succesfully flew fighter jets opposed by former Senator who couldn't hold on to his own grenade

From Local6:
Drug suspect's pet squirrel attacks officer
Was just trying to gather nuts for the winter

From CNN:
Nobel Prize value goes down
Giving it to terrorists finally catches up

From WCCO:
Eagle Survives After Being Run Over By Train
Joe Walsh earns reputation as a tough guy

From The Daily Telegraph:
A vile and weak man to the end
Robert Byrd's biography is completed

Bosom like a carburetor?
New Springsteen song released

From WCVB:
Fans warned about Stones ticket purchases
Warning reads: "Holder of ticket agrees to hold promoter blameless for The Rolling Stones looking and singing like 60-year-old men"

Brunch: 8/21/2005

Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch:

Saturday, August 20, 2005

So What's This TypeKey Thing All About?

You've seen it. And you've probably not liked it. And I understand your dislike. I don't really like it either. But the darn thing works and has achieved its goal.

It's that silly "TypeKey" thing that you have to use is you want to leave a comment here.

Some people aren't sure just what its all about. Well, that's the topic for today.