Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Blogrolling 2006-12-06

Items of interest from the blogroll.

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  1. The Knucklehead of the Day award...

    Today's winner is Suntrust Bank....

  2. WTW: Oh, Those Silly Imams...

    Morning, y'all. Jebediah here. Ya know, them Imam's critters are not going to be too happy
    Three parallel investigations into the removal of six imams from a US Airways flight last month have so far concluded that the airline acted properly, t...

  3. CAIR Goes To The Pigs + Holiday Humor...

    Funny stuff from the Council on American-Terrorist Relations (original article here. Read the comments)
    While Muslim faithful are worshiping Allah, sounds of liquored up Texans chasing greased pigs may soon be heard outside the mosque.

  4. [...] In closing out this point, I’d say that clearly, there are those that agree with my interlocutor. Hat tip, Basil. Maybe I’m still too European to get sufficiently excercised, but I’d argue that I’m too much the Green Mountain Boy type to look for salvation by others in my guild (lawyers). I still trust border guards and the guys runnign Guantanamo more than I do attorneys arguing procedure. There are also those generally, if not always elegantly or sensitively, on my side, twice even, in these sorts of arguments, also courtesy of Basil, as above. [...]

  5. Thanks for the link!

    Best regards,

    Bile, Snark, and Sneer

  6. ISG Report Fails to Address Issue...

    Anything less, is to pit terror upon the Free world, confusing aggression with prevention; and prohibiting function of a World in support of intl laws....

  7. Thanks Basil - for the hat tip. I just can't figure out trackbacks with Blogger. :(


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