Monday, December 11, 2006

Sears Auto … They Sure Oughta …

The car needed an oil change. So the Wife and I took it to Sears on Saturday.

What was I thinking?

Now, to be fair, we'd had car work done at Sears before. Got a set of Michelins from there. And they've done oil changes for us before.

And since we'd been there before, and since there was a movie we wanted to see playing at the theatre next door, and since the Wife wanted to pick some things up from Sears, and since we were hungry and Chili's is close by ... we went to Sears.

After we left Chili's, we pulled into the Sears Auto Center lot, then walked inside to open a ticket.

The guy asked me my information, located me in the computer, printed the work order out, and went to work.

Last time we got the oil changed, I gave them my cell phone number in case they needed to contact me about a problem.

Silly me, I thought since I previously gave them my cell number, they would have my cell number. What was I thinking?!

After we got back from the movie (Deja Vu, which I might review for you later), I found the car still in the bay.

Turns out they ran into a small problem. Had to do with the coolant. They had to ask me if I wanted it flushed. And they didn't call me.

Actually, they called my home phone. Only, I wasn't at home. They number they had for me said "home phone" ... which indicates it was my home phone. And they called my home phone.

The home I couldn't get to ... because they had my car in the shop.

They did not call my cell phone.

I asked them whey they didn't call my cell.

They didn't have it, they said.

"I gave it to y'all last time I got the oil changed," I said.

And he showed me in the computer where they didn't have a number.

"Well, if I was in charge of running that keyboard, I'd have put it in. But I'm not. And I thought when I gave it last time, the person running that keyboard might have used it," was my response.

To his credit, he did put it in at that time. Which means next time I'm there, they'll have my cell number.

Now I got to decide about getting the coolant flushed. And if I want to deal with Sears Auto to do it.

Heck, it's Christmastime. Why not.


  1. Even the best laid plans.......

  2. a perfect example of why I think I have to be in charge of EVERYTHING

  3. The bane of my adult life is auto shops who treat women like morons, attempt to sell you things you don't need, and otherwise try to rip you off. I always drove old cars, so have plenty of experience with shops. There was one time that a private shop tried talking me into trading my car for some hunk of junk because they "couldn't find the problem" with my car after stonewalling me for a week. I completely blew my top, had the car towed elsewhere, and they only had to replace a $7 part to fix it. The crooks wanted to scam me out of my car. My Sears story, I went in for tires once, they just happened to "notice" that my exhaust system needed work and wrote me up a nice quote in case I wanted them to do it.... The next day, the middle section of the exhaust system dropped off. Climbed under the car to shove it back on, clamps were present and accounted for, just really loose. What a grand coincidence. Never went back again. There are very few places I trust.


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