Friday, December 15, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-15

From WRTV:
Purse snatcher targets women in parking lots
Targeting men didn't pay off

From KPRC:
Police seek two bank robbers
Have two banks that need robbing

From KETV:
No liquor license for restaurant near drug center
Drugs, prostitutes still available

From CNN:
N.M. governor to host nuke talks with North Koreans
New Mexico offers to abandon nuclear program

From CNN:
Ignoring Bush policy, senator meets Syrian president
Wants to personally thank him for his support

From CNN:
Handyman charged with killing lawyer, wife
Talents that can come in handy

From CNN:
Christian video game stokes controversy
Muslims beheading Americans still okay

From CNN:
First flyers may have been squirrels
Tiny squirrel airplane found at Kitty Hawk

From CNN:
NASA won't put price tag on moon base
Don't know how many zeros are in "one zillion"

From CNN:
Ono's driver arrested for threatening to kill her
Demands she quit singing


  1. Excuse me, but I thought the purpose of executing somebody was to KILL them. Is there a nice tidy inoffensive way to do that?

  2. [...] It’s too political and too religious they say. Porn would have been OK. Hat tip, Basil. [...]

  3. Friday...

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