Thursday, December 21, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-21

From ABC News:
Lewinsky Gets Master's in Social Psychology
Says school didn't suck as bad as she thought it would

From ABC News:
Ahmadinejad Embarrassed: Foes Win Elections
GOP loses U.S. Congress, takes over Iranian Parliament

From ABC News:
Jessica Simpson Out of Parton Tribute
Organizer: 'Two big boobs were enough'

From ABC News:
Hollywood Eyes '06 Box Office Rebound
With GOP out, Hollywood will make movies, not faux-documentaries

From ABC News:
Scooter-Riding Woman Rescued From Drain
Libby told authorities where he left her

From ABC News:
Woman Puts Baby Through Airport X-Ray
Airline wouldn't let her check baby at ticket counter

From ABC News:
The Truth About Where Your Donated Clothes Go
Michael Moore's Fashion Boutique opens

From ABC News:
FBI Stats Show Spike in Violent Crime
Director denies connection

From ABC News:
Indonesia Overturns Bashir's Conviction
Kira, Dax convictions stand

From ABC News:
Iraq Executes 13 Prisoners in Baghdad
Shows Florida how it's done

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