Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Spam Eagle!

I really like my spam filters. Akismet and Spam Karma. They work well.

But, I'm often amazed at the spammers. And yesterday, I got a couple that made me shake my head in wonder. For a couple of reasons.

First, be aware that WordPress with Akismet shows spam in reverse order. That is, the most recent at the top. Which, of course, means the older at the bottom.

Check out what arrived yesterday.

First (the one on the bottom) was a spam ad for Viagra.

Next, a spam for a rape porn video.

I'm assuming the target audience was the impotent rapist?

Then I noticed the URL associated with each.

It's from Auburn.

Yeah, the place that "Bear" Bryant once called "that East Alabama Cow College."

Auburn University. Just up the road.

Now, there's no guarantee that the spammer was actually associated with Auburn. But, as you can tell from the ad, they were wanting someone to click on a site that sits on the Auburn servers.

The IP addresses aren't from Auburn. One returns that it's owned by "OCN Provided By NTT-Communications which is ISP in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan" while the other returns info that it belongs to "Schlund + Partner AG" from Germany.

Japan and Germany.

Japan and Germany?

World War II still going on? Only using spam instead of Buzz Bombs and Zeros?

Still, I wonder what's up with using an Auburn address. I wondered if the site actually existed. Or if I'd get a "404" (not found) error.

So, I tried it. Got a "not authorized" response. Which indicates the URL might be valid. Or part of the parent path, anyway.

If they'd put this much effort into their football team, they'd be playing Ohio State instead of Florida.


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