Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-06

From ABC News:
Gates Confirmed As Secretary of Defense
Microsoft takes over Army, Navy

From ABC News:
Strippers Are Tax Free Artists in Norway
Audience wants them to be clothes-free

From ABC News:
Alps Are Warmest in 1,300 Years
Bush blamed for warm 706 AD

From ABC News:
Scientists Find Gene Linked to Heavy Smoking
KISS bassist criticized

From ABC News:
Woman Finds Bat in Christmas Tree
Was next to ball, glove

From ABC News:
Man Fined for Tossing Pig at Hotel
Hampton* in Hampton In

From ABC News:
Boy Arrested for Playing With Christmas Presents
Christmas Past, Christmas Yet To Come press charges

From ABC News:
Remains of St. Paul May Have Been Found
Was next to Minneapolis

From ABC News:
Pope Expresses Admiration for Muslims
Amazed they can call themselves "religion of peace" with straight face

From ABC News:
Saddam Appears in Court Despite Saying He Won't
Saddam lies, Bush blamed

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