Friday, December 8, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-08

From CNN:
Defense secretary laments Abu Ghraib in farewell
Had so much more torture planned

From CNN:
Hussein attends genocide trial
Likes hearing about genocide

From WKMG:
Deputy dons elf suit to catch speeders
Reindeer ticketed

From WDIV:
School may be named after coach
Coach to be named soon

From WDIV:
Man throws microphone at judge
Simon Cowell injured

From KOCO:
Man finds cocaine in store's toy department
Couldn't remember where he left it

From KETV:
Woman tries to prove she's not dead
Wants out of casket

From ABC News:
Thanks, Superman! Paralyzed 3-Year-Old Walks
Christopher Reeve now glad he's dead

From ABC News:
Dad of Chelsea Clinton's Boyfriend Lands in Jail
Hillary, Bill express disappointment: "What an amateur"

From ABC News:
Lohan Turns to Al Gore for Help
Hasn't said anything stupid for nearly a week


  1. Why would the headline on Rumsfeld's goodbye speech be that he laments the Abu Grahib scandal? When Clinton left office, was his headline: "Clinton laments Monica Lewinsky in farewell"? I highly doubt it. Give the man some respect. Its fine to mention that in the article but for it to be the headline is extremely biased and leftist.

  2. You decorated for Xmas--how festive!

  3. Carter:
    Yeah, headline writers often show the bias that news services deny.

    Thank you!

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

  4. Friday...

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