Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Movies For My Big Sister

I found out something about my Big Sister (who's 5'4'') this week that I didn't know.

She lives a sheltered life.

Okay, I actually knew her life was somewhat sheltered. But it hit me just how sheltered.

No, I don't mean things like meeting certain undesirable elements of society. I mean from good things. From pleasant things. From positive things.

Like really good movies.

You see, my Big Sister (who's 5'4'') has never seen "It's a Wonderful Life," for example. She's seen parts of it, but never the whole thing. Of all the times it's aired on network TV or on local channels during the Christmas season over the years, she's never seen it all.

Oh, that's not all.

She's never seen "A Christmas Story" either. No "I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!" or "You'll shoot your eye out" or "It's a Major Award!" or "Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian." or "I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya!" or ... Well, if you've seen the movie, you know I could go on and on. But my Big Sister hasn't seen it.

And she's never seen The Princess Bride. Which means that "As you wish" has no special meaning to her. Nor does "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Neither does "Anybody want a peanut?" hold any special meaning. Nor the Nor "INCONCEIVABLE!" Nor "Not to 50!" Nor anything from that movie.

And she's never seen Casablanca. Which means she doesn't know the answer to the question: "Liebchen - sweetnessheart, what watch?" Or "What kind of a man is Captain Renault?" She doesn't know who Captain Renault told his men to arrest for killing Major Strasser. Or anything from that movie.

My Big Sister (who's 5'4'') has lived a sheltered life. The Wife and I are planning an intervention. Or a reverse intervention.

Because she should see those movies. And so should you.


  1. Tell her not to feel bad, I didn't see most of those movies either til I was at least in my thirties.

  2. Gosh, I remember when she was in her thirties. That was, like, years ago.

  3. That is a great list! Love every single one of them.

  4. Well, to be fair, I've seen all of them except for the first two. I have "It's a Wonderful Life" but get bored to death by the time the floor opens over the swimming pool.

    And I know, "A Christmas Story" is shown for 24 hours on TBS on Dec. 24, but I've still never seen it. I sort of can't, now, knowing what Scott Schwartz went on to do. I would just keep thinking about his lack of performance, know what I mean?

  5. I am going to the store in just a little bit to go get them. I didn't realize there were four. YIKES! I am NOT looking forward to this...
    I am almost never ever bored...except when I am forced to do something I don't want to watch a movie or TV that is uninteresting to the Hitler, er...I mean, the History Channel. I walked out of Popeye (with Robin Williams) because I was so bored. I love Robin Williams, but I was bored with that movie. I reserve the right to cut off the DVD player if I get bored.
    Oh, and you ought to know about being in your 30's YEARS ago, too. So there.

  6. I too am 5'4". I no longer enjoy "It's a Wonderful Life" because I swear Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed look exactly like my former in-laws did at that age, and frankly it ruins Christmas for me (not to mention any Jimmy Stewart movie, sadly....although sometimes I find the willpower to overcome my aversion to former FIL and enjoy "Rear Window" or "The Man Who Knew Too Much".) I have never watched "Casablanca" in its entirety. Ingrid Bergman IMHO was and is highly overrated. I always fall asleep before the movie is halfway over. However, "The Princess Bride" is a timeless favorite of mine and recommend it to everyone. As for "The Christmas Story", my office co-workers held an intervention for me so I, too, could share their festivity. Personally, I'm a "White Christmas" gal. But TCS was a good flick, too.

  7. Big Sister: you will not be bored by The Princess Bride. Basil: He's been mostly dead all day. HUMPERDINK, HUMPERDINK, HUMPERDINK!

  8. too bad i've only seen one of these in its entirety, and we all know "you'll shoot your eye out", is the only one i've seen.

  9. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")December 29, 2006 at 11:39 AM

    Oh basil, I remember when all of us were in our 30's...yes longer for you and the Big Sister (who is 5'4") than for me...heh, heh...was that mean or what?? Well, I have another for you...I have not seen any of those four movies either. Nor have I seen Young Frankenstein, Monty Python anything, and so on and so on. I guess I live a sheltered life as well...sigh.

  10. Looks like someone is out-numbered! heh


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