Friday, December 29, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-29

From ABC News:
Feds Apologize for Strip Search of Muslim Woman
Having seen her naked, say she 'needed to wear a burka'

From ABC News:
U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,991
Only 9 away from Democrats' big party

From ABC News:
Good Samaritan Makes Up for Stolen Bikes
Kid enjoy riding Samaritan

From ABC News:
Nation Plans 5 Days of Mourning for Ford
Has spent last 30 years mourning his loss to Carter

From ABC News:
Duke D.A. Charged With Ethics Violations
Worse than raping whores

From ABC News:
In Germany, expectant moms hope babies hold off til Jan. 1
Won't be able to party if in maternity ward

From ABC News:
FDA plan would OK cloned meat
Now clones can eat something besides human brains

From ABC News:
Even a Small Nuclear War Could Change the World
Center for the Obvious releases latest report

From ABC News:
Climate change enhances gray seals' sex lives
Revealed: Gray seals behind global warming

From CNN:
Togo backs rape, incest abortions
Rape, incest now easier

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