Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-12

From CNN:
Experts: Hackers to step up 'cyberwar'
Democrats pronounce cyberwar 'lost,' urge pullout

From CNN:
Ohio's Kucinich announces Oval Office bid
Wants Lyndon LaRouche's job

From CNN:
Green Lantern creator dead at 91
Power ring finally gave out

From CNN:
U.S. agency: We did not target Princess Diana
Death called 'lucky accident'

From CNN:
Booed tenor treated 'like monster'
Throws girl in well, climbs windmill

From WTAE:
Judge dismisses teen's meowing charges
Accused of acting like a pussy

From KERO:
Brush fire covers 5,000 acres
Combs considered safer

From KPRC:
Teen gets 90-year sentence in sodomy attack
Will get all the sodomy he wants

From KPRC:
Plane makes belly landing at airport
Will try cannonball next

From KMGH:
Parents upset over peanut segregation in lunchroom
Tennessee Red, White seek joint seating

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