Thursday, December 7, 2006

Good In The Neighborhood

The Wife and I decided to eat at Applebee's last night. We normally stop at one of the restaurants in Columbus, because they're no-smoking. But we stopped at the one in Phenix City last night. And I'm glad we did.

Not only was the food good (as always), but we found out about something the folks at the Phenix City restaurant are doing for a neighbor.

Now, let me say up front, they aren't promoting this. When I asked about it, they were willing to tell me more details, but explained why they weren't promoting it. But it's something I'd like to share. So, here goes.

The Phenix City restaurant has information inside the restaurant (this is key) that reads as follows:

A Member Of The Applebee's Family Has Been Diagnosed With Huntington's Disease.

This is a rare and fatal disease especially when diagnosed in children...

We here at your neighborhood Phenix City Applebee's are trying to give this young man the best Christmas we can possible give him, if you find it in your heart to help us give this young man a great holiday season please see your manager on duty.

Any donations will be matched by Applebee's.

Thank you,
Your Phenix City Applibee's Family.

Now, let me reiterate: They are not promoting this.

When someone comes into the restaurant, they are given this information. But the restaurant isn't advertising it outside. The manager on duty I spoke with explained that they didn't want to use this to get people into the store. He made it clear that they are not using this to get people into the restaurant. Rather, they are only telling it to people who are coming to the restaurant already.

I admire their efforts to raise money for an Applebee's family member. And I admire the fact they aren't using this to get people into the restaurant. In fact, they're making an effort to not use this.

But they don't control what I blog about. And they certainly didn't ask me to blog about it. Or even hint that. They simply answered my questions.

This isn't an Applebee's promotion ... or even something the Applebee's company is sponsoring in any way. It's something the employees at the Phenix City Applebee's are doing on their own, with local management approval.

If anyone reading this is in the Columbus-Phenix City area, I'm asking them to help out. Applebee's isn't. But I am.

Oh, and unless you have gone into the Phenix City Applebee's, you don't know about the pancake breakfast they're having Saturday (tomorrow, December 9) morning. They're serving from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM, before their regular hours. Money from that goes to the family also.

It's nice to know that the Neighborhood Applebee's is also a good neighbor.

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  1. While it is unlikely that I will be in the area before Christmas, I would like to dispatch a small($5.00) check for the cause. Do you have an address?

  2. The Phenix City Applebee's is located at:
    2090 Highway 280/431
    Phenix City, AL 36867

  3. My name is James Gragg, I'm the Assistant General Manager @ the Phenix City Applebee's. I wanted to leave a quick note offering you my thanks. I am a family friend of the young man with Huntington's and myself as well as the Kyser family have been blown away by the support offered by the Phenix City/Columbus community. To date we've raised enough money to send the family to Disney World, Wal-Mart has stepped in and will be providing toys for the children as well as helping with future medical expenses.

    I never imagined printing out a quiet little flyer would have so much affect within the store. With no advertising, we've raised to date $2,000.

    Once again, the Applebee's family is so thankful for every donation, the community has done an amazing thing. The Kyser family and myself give you our heartfelt thanks.

    James Gragg
    Assistant General Manager
    Phenix City Applebee's

  4. The Kyser family remains in our prayers.


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