Monday, December 18, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-18

From ABC News:
Canceled O.J. Simpson Book Could Spark Suit
Suit could be blood-stained, just like O.J.'s

From ABC News:
Anti-HIV 'Molecular Condom' In the Works
For the man with a really small penis

From ABC News:
Nigerian E-mail Scams Continues, After Being Exposed
Why gun laws don't work

From ABC News:
Cuban Officals Say Castro Will Return
Dr. Frankenstein consulted

From ABC News:
Atlantic Records Founder Ertegun Buried in Turkey
Left over from Thanksgiving

From ABC News:
Paparazzi Sues Celeb Blogger for $7.6M
Suit says only celebrities can be abused, not celebrity stalkers

From ABC News:
Rare White Dolphin Declared As Extinct
Still rare

From ABC News:
Collector Pays $2.3M for $1,000 Bill
People lining up to ask him for change for a dollar

From ABC News:
W.Va. Man Drives Oldsmobile on 3 Tires
Only man in West Virginia with three tires

From ABC News:
Scottish Troops Must Share Scarce Kilts
Commander: "After all, there's room for two"


  1. Monday...

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  2. Return of the Cultural Protectionists...

    The international community is getting set to protect themselves from English-speaking cultural standardisation. (a.k.a. a legal way to interfere with imports of U.S. films, television programming, music and publications.)...


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