Friday, December 22, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-22

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda Message Dems: We Defeated GOP
Al-Zawahiri now Democrat's front-runner for 2008

From ABC News:
Men Need Help Buying Bras, Panties
Need no help removing them

From ABC News:
24-Foot Squid Caught on Tape
New Shell No-Squid Strips hot sellers

From ABC News:
Rosie vs. Trump War
Most undecided whether to support the witch or the devil

From ABC News:
Meet the Family Really Named 'Christmas'
ACLU demand name be changed to 'Winter Holiday'

From ABC News:
Paternity Test for Anna Nicole's Baby
Baby denies fathering a child

From ABC News:
A Giant Lizard's Immaculate Conception
To give birth to lizard Messiah

From ABC News:
Bush Pardons Small-Time Meth Dealer
Looks out for college buddies

From ABC News:
Patrons Toss Dead Cat Through Drive-Thru
Had ordered it with no onions, pickles

From ABC News:
Woman Allegedly Steals ID for Inmate Sex
Large black market for inmate sex permits

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