Thursday, December 28, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-28

From ABC News:
Rapist Preys on Men in Suburban Houston
Ned Beatty cancels Astros season tickets

From ABC News:
Bush Gives Earrings, Gets Biking Shoes As Gifts
Gift exchanges with Cheney always a surprise

From ABC News:
Head-Banging Snakes May Predict Quakes
Metal music finally has a purpose

From ABC News:
Paul McCartney Working on Stage Show
Job as roadie will help pay for divorce

From ABC News:
Picking Through Ford's Cabinet
Relatives looking for will

From ABC News:
Deputy in Gibson Case Claims Harassment
"Electric Youth" singer likes men in uniform

From ABC News:
Edwards Tosses Hat in 2008 Ring
Was mussing his hair

From ABC News:
Political Blunders of 2006
Top of list: Electing Democrats

From ABC News:
The Year's Top Cookbooks
Number one: "To Serve Man"

From ABC News:
Man Accused of Using Log in Assaults
Commercial was right: "It's big, it's heavy, it's wood"*


  1. what rolls down stairs alone or in pairs
    rolls over your neighbors dogs
    what fits on your back
    it's great for a snack
    it's log, log, log
    it's log, log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood
    log, log, it's better than bad it's good

  2. On Leftists’ self-deception and Gerald Ford...

    While the Birmingham news fronts stories like this, and these, suddenly praising Gerald Ford as a saint and savant, even columnists like Froma Harrop are getting into the act in today’s paper. Ms. Harrop mercilessly contrasts the late Gerald Fo...


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