Thursday, December 14, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-14

From CNN:
Executed killer took 34 minutes to die
No one cares how long it took Joseph Nagy to die

From CNN:
Rescuer: We've hit brick wall in climber search
Still insists, "we don't need no education"

From CNN:
Intelligence oversight, ethics top Democrats' agenda
Next priority, find a Democrat with intelligence and ethics

From CNN:
Bush taking time on Iraq strategy
Promises plan by January 20, 2009

From CNN:
Holiday spirit burns brightly in Santa Fe
Manger scenes, Christmas trees being burned

From CNN:
Harvard drops religion course requirement
Islamic studies still required

From CNN:
Diana: No murder, no pregnancy
Report concludes, "just another blonde who never held a real job"

From WPXI:
Police hunt truck thief in zoo
Zookeeper: 'In hindsight, teaching chimps to drive was bad idea'

From KERO:
Police focus on downtown burglaries
Suburban burglars get good news in time for Christmas

From KCRA:
Police seek vandals
Limited job openings now available


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