Monday, December 4, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-04

From ABC News:
Huge Swath of Brazil's Amazon Gets Protection
Borders, Barnes & Noble still lack protection

From ABC News:
Bolton Bolts: Fiery Ambassador to Leave U.N. Post
Bush gives in to Democrats, nominates 5-year-old girl for post

From ABC News:
Scientists Unveil 2,000-Year-Old Greek 'Computer'
Runs Windows 5

From ABC News:
'Prison Break' Actor in Car Crash That Kills Teen
To appear in new reality show, "Prison Break"

From ABC News:
Suspect in PlayStation 3 Robbery Killed
Shocked to discover didn't get a new life

From ABC News:
Mexico's New President Cuts Own Salary
To live solely on graft, corruption

From ABC News:
Online Dating Helps People With AIDS, HIV
Not spreading fast enough on its own

From ABC News:
Ford Gets Stares at L.A. Auto Show
Carter, Clinton ignored

From ABC News:
Dolphin May Have 'Remains' of Legs
Passing game still effective

From ABC News:
Whatever Happened to Low-Carb Diets?
Dr. Atkins refuses requests for interview


  1. Should congress use federal funds for drug needles...

    Since when is it up to the federal government to provide health care for its citizens? And who is a citizen of some foreign government to decide what our federal government should do?...

  2. Bolton's Resignation...

    Bolton's resignation should have us ALL thinking twice about the direction of our Country and with continuing concern for America's safety......


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