Thursday, December 7, 2006

Headline News 2006-12-07

From CNN:
Soviet spies face being unmasked
Russian Trick-Or-Treat to end soon

From CNN:
Admirers mob Clinton in Vietnam
Former president tells crowd, "Now I wish I hadn't dodged the draft"

From CNN:
Human body parts found inside croc
Following Irwin's death, crocodiles run wild

From CNN:
Sri Lanka: No Ban on Rebels
No Right Guard, Speed Stick either

From CNN:
Bainimarama replaces police chief
Thought they were hiring Bananarama

From CNN:
Rains bring no relief to Somalis starving after drought
Complain, "can't eat rain"

From CNN:
Man held over U.S. embassy gunfire
Threatened to drop him, torture claimed

From CNN:
Mexico police seize 20 tons of meth ingredient
Big party planned

From CNN:
Lightning blamed for Sago Mine explosion
God sued

From KERO:
Cesar Chavez to be inducted into Hall of Fame
Also, some guy named 'Reagan'


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  2. Thursday...

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