Friday, June 10, 2005

Headline News: 6/10/2005

From CNN:
Porn star candidate to attend GOP dinner
Democrats counter with Michael Moore in a thong

From CNN:
'No U.S.-Europe divide' on Iraq
Report begins "Once Upon A Time..."

From ABC News:
Web Honors Go to Al Gore and Others
Former V.P. thanked for not starting a blog

From ABC News:
Chips Found in Place of Woman's Ashes
Burial plaque changed to read "Once you pop, the fun doesn't stop!"

From ABC News:
Student Uses Roadkill to Produce Art
Just like Michael Moore

From ABC News:
Hatemongers ousted, Bosnia media rallies
Got the idea from Dan Rather's departure

From CNN:
First lady: Kids benefit from time with adults
Also, the sun rises in the east

From WGAL:
Mother describes road rage shooting
"This @%$&# pulled in front of me at the #@*&% Taco Bell so I blew my %#$@%* horn at the @*%$&# then he pulled a #@*&% gun and the @%$&# fired a %#$@%* shot at my #@*&% car!"

From WDSU:
French Quarter residents angered
Just found out their ancestors were French

From WCVB:
Bill would deal blow to spanking
I don't have a joke; I just want to see how many hits this site now gets for "blow" and "spanking"


  1. [Hangin head]

    OK, so maybe you busted me on googling "blow" and "spanking", but I swear I was looking for a "Spanking, brand new Blow gun".



  2. Friday

    Wizbang: Did they crawl in thru the window? Nickie Goomba: ACLU Condemns "Cruel & Unusual" plumbing at Gitmo Basil's Blog: Headline News Goober Queen: Call Me Ishmael Nose On Your Face: Potatoes Fly, Hippies Die Scrappleface: Pre-9/11 FBI Missed...

  3. Porm star, porn star, porn star!

    I know what my Bonfire entry is :)

  4. The Capitalist:
    Hey, I believe you. Sure I do.

    William Teach:
    You having an entry that qualifies for the Bonfire? I'm shocked.


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