Friday, June 3, 2005

Lunch: 6/3/2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. FDA issued a drug recall on some Generic Medicati

    The FDA issued a drug recall of ALL medications manufactured by Able Pharmaceuticals and had them cease current production "because of serious concerns that they were not produced according to quality assurance standards."

  2. My apologies for 2 trackbacks... Haloscan and I are 'fighting'. Something about a 500 Internal Error. I cannot figure out how to delete one of the two or I would do so. If you can, please do so. Thanks again!

  3. Like that?

    And thanks for the Trackback!!

  4. The Tragedy of the United States Marine Corps

    Let me go on record as saying that I love the Marine Corps. As a Marine's wife and an Air Force veteran, I can tell you that while the Air Force gets treated better, the fact remains that the Marines have always, and will always, have the best uniform...

  5. An NCO Induction

    We held a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Induction a few weeks back, and it occurred to me there were some aspects of this ceremony that my non-military audience might appreciate.

  6. This is The Truth!

    The Lifecycle of Blogs, with my own commentary (better commentary at the source). This does seem to describe most bloggers, although I'm always the one who has to be different:

    1. Start reading blogs.
    I'm an idiot. I didn't know about blogs when ...

  7. False Feminism

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this kind of thing. The New Testament rewritten with Christ as a woman and the Godhead referred to as female.


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