Friday, August 12, 2005

Just a question

Do any of you other guest bloggers know what basil's policy is on one-way trackbacks?  'Cause if his is like mine, I have a bunch to delete over here. 

Just sayin'.

Since I'm just a guest-blogger, I think I'll take the opportunity to speak--and I'm not speaking FOR basil, I'm speaking for myself. 

Here's the deal.  You know these Covered Dish Specials basil has here?  That's kind of a reciprocal thing; you link me, I link you.  Your links show up in the posts and because of it, your ecosystem stats go up.  I dunno about basil, but MOST bloggers don't give away free advertising.  (Really, that's what trackbacks are--I think he's just too nice, Southern gentlemanly, to say it the way I do--my being a Scarlett O'Hara-type Southern woman and all.)

So hey, y'all, seriously--I don't set the rules at basil's place, of course, but be a honey and PLEASE, when you send trackbacks to the Covered Dish Specials, put a link in your post saying "linked at basil's blog" or something to that effect, and link it to that post.  It's only fair.  We--basil's readers--do click over to your posts through the trackbacks, but how on earth will your readers know to read basil's blog in kind, without a link?  Or know that you're linked there?

See?  That's not too much to ask, is it?  Don't get mad at basil or any of the other guest bloggers here, yell at me.  I'm the bad cop around here.  ;-)


  1. I think his policy is about the same as everyone's around here. Even when someone does an open trackback, I put a note on the post I used, saying something like this "Crossposted via Trackback link to" - where the is the link back to the person's open trackback post. Did that make any sense? I need more coffee!

  2. Beth, Jo:
    You are absolutely right about the policy. No, I don't enforce it like I should. Okay, sometimes I do. It really depends on if I'm in a hurry when I find the violation. I try to notify the offender off-line. But, if they don't provide a way for me to contact them, I'll do it publicly. Or just delete it. Depends on the mood.

    So, now that the long answer is out of the way, the short answer is: Just like yours.

  3. I'll admit it. I'm new here. I'm new to the whole scene. I blogrolled basil and trackbacked a covered dish special but didn't post a recipricol link on the post. I didn't know what one was. One day, basil suggested I leave a "linked with basil's blog" link on my post, and now I do exactly that. Then I found MVRWC and do the same there. I'm so happy to now be a slithering reptile for all this link love. What does it take to be a playful primate?

  4. oregano:
    Funny you should ask. I got a question along that line (not exactly, but you'll see what I'm talking about) in my e-mail. And it'll be answered as best as phin and I can over at the Alliance. Although I'll cross-post here if I write it and ask phin to cross-post here if he writes it.


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