Friday, August 12, 2005

Late Night Snack: 8/12/05

Since there's interweb access in the Las Vegas airport I figured I'd take a couple of minutes to whip up a late night snack as I catch up on my blog reading.


  1. Global Warming or Global Warning?

    Is man setting in motion climate change trends that will doom the earth to experience serious warming, ecological displacements, melting ice at the poles and rising ocean levels? We hear that this is caused by greenhouse gases which are increasing in...

  2. Cindy Sheenan: Dem Underground Dupe

    Found at the Dumbocratic Underground (still picturing Morlock's)Here’s video of Cindy’s personal message to DU:We’re still editing, but realized I should put this bit up right away: Thanks for the tip, KGoul! PS: I have a...

  3. More NYT Corrections

    The New York Times today ran five corrections on its coverage of John Roberts.
    A few more corrections the Times might consider.

  4. Sorcerer of Wonkavator

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... Thank.God.Its.Friday, seriously!


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