Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hitler vs

For some time, the Hitler parodies have been making the rounds on the Internet.

But, lately, more and more people are making movies using Fox News Channel's Red Eye has featured movies as a regular feature, Red Eye Robot Theatre.

At IMAO, Harvey has been running reader-created videos for some time.

Now, movies are more popular than ... Hitler. Who would have figured. Certain not Der Fuhrer:

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  1. why this episode is so popular, this is the third parody i see! and i dont find it funny.there is no sence to repeat same joke in many ways-its not gonna be funnier

  2. The third? Girl, you haven't been paying attention. Them Internets is crawling with these things. Go to the Google and do a search for "hitler parody" and you'll find over 1-million results.

    And you won't find any of them funny, either.


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