Friday, February 5, 2010

Cars without brakes, cars with brakes that don't use brakes, demon sheep, and other news

There's a problem with the brakes on the Prius? I didn't know they went fast enough to need brakes.

When I first heard that Sean Medlock (AKA Jim Treacher) was run over by a Secret Service vehicle, I figured that Joe Biden must have gone for takeout. Turns out it was a State Department vehicle. So, it was Hillary who put the hit out on Treacher, not Biden or Obama.

Obama says "turn off the TV." I do. Every time he's on the screen.

Demon sheep? Really? Demon sheep? Do I even want to know? (Tip: Jo of Jo's Cafe.

Well, I found out what demon sheep was all about. Now I can sleep at night. After I count sheep. As long as none of them are demon sheep.

All that fuss over the Tim Tebow ad to be aired during the Super Bowl? What about this ad from 1989? (Tip: Kathleen McKinley)

So now there is an "R-word?" What will they do when all 26 letters are used up?

Yesterday, for a little while, the white noise generator at work stopped. For a time, I could not only hear all the voices in my head, I could hear the ones in my coworkers' heads. Them folks is crazy.

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