Saturday, February 20, 2010

Proof it's working, unless you look at the facts

The Obama administration caught a lot of flack over its policies for dealing with terrorists. Like Mirandizing the pantybomber. And civilian trials for terrorists captured in battle.

When Dick Cheny, along with Liz Cheney (Cheney: The Next Generation) criticized the administration's policies last week, the left went nuts. Okay, more nuts.

Then, word came out about several Taliban captured in Pakistan. That, cried the left, was proof that Obama's policies were correct.

But facts are stubborn things.

Like the fact that this was in Pakistan. The U.S. didn't capture them. Had it been Iraq or Afghanistan, then it might indeed be that the U.S. military captured them. But the U.S. isn't conducting military raids in Pakistan. (Not that we'd admit to, anyway.)

No, the Pakistani captured those terrorists on Pakistani soil. The U.S. is able to question them when Pakistan grants permission, but they remain in Pakistani custody. And, last time I checked, U.S. law doesn't apply. Nor do U.S. policies.

Prisoners of the Pakistani don't have the right to remain silent. And there are no guarantees that an attorney will be provided.

Word is now that Pakistan might not even turn the prisoners over to the U.S.

So, I fail to see how Pakistan capturing and questioning Taliban is a win for Obama's policies. Unless Obama's policy is to do nothing.

If only. Doing nothing is often preferable to doing the wrong thing.

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