Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tag Team Cheney beats down O and the Veep

On the tube today, the Cheneys took on Obama and Biden.

On Fox, Liz Cheney called the Obama administration "incompetent":

[Direct video link]
[Tip: Gateway Pundit]

On ABC, Dick Cheney, who knows something about being vice president, snickered when asked about Biden's claim that Iraq is a victory for Obama:

[Direct video link]
[Tip: Gateway Pundit]

Oh, and speaking of Cheney, MSNBC's idiot savant (as soon as he becomes a savant) Keith Olbermann wrote this of Cheney (via Patterico's Pontifications):
“I think he may believe that only his vision can save America, and thus anything, including lying to America, is justifiable,” Olbermann wrote. “This is, I believe, called ‘a Messiah Complex.’”
Sounds to me like Olbermann was talking about himself.

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