Monday, February 15, 2010

Killer veeps, killer profs, hornysaurus, spam ... and other news

Cheney supports Obama. One one topic, at least.

The IOC says that the luge track was safe. Oh, and they fixed it.

Facts? We don't need no stupid facts!

Quote of the day: Al Gore must be spinning in his private jet.

Quote of the day II: Socialists "almost never engage in killing sprees."

When the left discovers that St. Valentine was a Christian, will it become un-PC to say "Happy Valentine's Day?"

Another billboard is in the news. No, Bush isn't on this one (tip: Wild Thing).

Spam, spam, spam, eggs, and spam.

A cover-up in Amy Bishop's killing of her brother in 1986?

Delahunt may retire.

And Bishop was a suspect in an attempted bombing of a Harvard professor.

It's not just MI'Sel going after fat people.

The difference between an "a" and an "e"? It's racist (or something) to imagine that "Hussein" could be Muslim. But no surprise that someone named Hussain is envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

One idea of why Obama got rid of the bust of Churchill (tip Wizbang).

Are you worried that, in Nevada, the Tea Party might split the GOP vote and reelect Reid?

Protein Wisdom has some advice for Meggie Mac.

"Religion of Peace" is not just a funny term, it's a real riot.

Warner Todd Huston is tired.

Lilly Von Schtupp is tired.

Kathleen McKinley says the GOP has a ways to go.

What was on Discovery on Sunday night? Humpin' dinosaurs.

Did ya hear about the Truther running for TX governor? No, not her. The Democrat (tip: Jawa Report).

First, Hillary tries to kill Jim Treacher. Now, Biden runs over Peggy Fleming.

We could stop al Qaeda cold if we sent Biden's motorcade by Bin Laden's cave.

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