Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pageants, groundhogs ... and other news

The best laid plans... Things didn't work out for the trip to see my niece in the Miss Wayne County pageant Saturday night. But, there was good news anyway: SHE WON! My niece is the new Miss Wayne County, and will compete in the Miss Georgia pageant!

Tuesday was Groundhog Day. Fun movie. But really... Groundhog Day? It really doesn't make much sense. But, then, which makes less sense: groundhogs predicting spring, or weasels proclaiming global warming?

One little-known fact about February 2nd: If Obama bows to someone, it means 6 more weeks of winter.

Sarah Palin is calling for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to be fired. Actually, I disagree with the former governor. I don't want Rahm Emanuel to be fired. I want him front and center every day, reminding people what kind of low-lifes you get when you vote for ass-clowns like Obama.


  1. Hey Basil,

    Congrats to your niece.

    And, I'm thinking that Rahm could be a guest contributor over at Paul Mitchell's place.

    I think I read TD write the same exact thing about Senate liberals the other day. ;)

  2. Andy: Thanks. We're very proud of her.

    And, about Paul's blog... Yeah, he writes the same stuff. That's why he's on Obama's short list to replace Rahm.


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