Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad humor, bad shopping, bad women ... and other news

The other day I said "tinnitus sucks." How naïve I was. Today, it *really* sucks.

Facebook Lite? I thought that's what Twitter was!

Brent Spiner says "The only (thing) that offends me is pedestrian humor. Particularly when it references (Star Trek)." Like this: "Why did the Horta cross the road?"

ArmyWifeToddlerMom doesn't like grocery stores. I feel the same way. Had to go shopping last night after work:
  • Wife didn't like the last deodorant she bought. True story: I offered to let her use my Secret solid, but she said "no."
  • Wife was looking for low-carb pasta. I told her it's over by the sugar-free sugar. Found out alter there is such a thing. Now, if there was only low-carb pasta...
  • Who is the angry black man on my cereal?
  • Now, why is there an angry white man on my cereal?
  • Liberals hate Wal-mart. So, if you tell a liberal that you can buy Ben&Jerry's at a Wal-mart, will their heads explode? And can I watch?
So, Obama, all by himself, talked longer than the Republicans?

Boy, was January one hot month!

Sorry, but women drinking and smoking cigars is not sexy. However... drunk, cigar-smoking chicks with hockey sticks? I'm not gonna tell them to stop.

Today's Hope 'n Change cartoon explains the Democrats' suddend support of the PATRIOT Act.

Instead of starting a third party, who don't conservatives take over the GOP and let the RINOs form their own? I mean, l like being "The Party Of 'No'" is a bad thing?

Having morals is stupid. Behaving as if you have morals is smart.

They're seriously countering the Tea Party with Coffee Party? Shouldn't they have chosen Kool-Aid as their drink?

Ed Morrissey points out that the Dead Sister's Denture Story is irrelevant. Obamacare doesn't cover dentures.

Some cheesy pictures.

Thomas Friedman says "I'm a Dick Cheney guy." He could have left off "Cheney guy."


  1. Man, this is getting DANGEROUSLY close to being Headline News.

    That leftie coffee party thing is hilarious. I surely hope that they try to actually do something with that. Blog fodder for DAYS.

  2. Yeah, I noticed the Headline News-y similarity.

    Plus, this is the 69th post this month. And the 70th is already up. Last time I posted more than 70 posts in a month was ... April 2007.

    Looks like I've taken up blogging again. Whether or not that's a good thing ...

    Oh, the Coffee Party thing... I'm seeing them protesting outside offices, led by Linda Richmam.

  3. This is looking to be a pretty good year for blogging. Maybe the comments will return, too.

  4. Thanks for mentioning my article "the Party of No" - it's appreciated.

    As for the cigar-smoking, hard-drinking female hockey players - they can puck around in my backyard anytime.


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