Thursday, February 4, 2010

Son of Bob explains it all

Many things inspire a blog post. It could be something in the news, some overheard conversation, some random thought, or something read somewhere.

I read a comment at IMAO the other day that inspired me. Or tried to inspire me. I tried to write something based on what I read. But I couldn't. Oh, I could, but I realized there wasn't anything I could add to it.

IMAO regular commenter "Son of Bob" used Woodstock to explain Democrats. And he did it well:
Woodstock was their finest moment, when they were in charge of a field for three days. What happened? No food, no toilets, mostly mud, vomit, and people OD’ing on drugs, and no one could get in or out because they didn’t know how to park their own cars. They busted down the fences because they didn’t want to pay for a ticket. The Army that they were supposedly protesting against had to come in to feed them and provide medical support for them, and they left mountains of trash in their wake…and that was just three days…which they still tout as their greatest success. Now, they’re in Congress…and the White House.
I wish I had said that.

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