Friday, February 12, 2010

Whiny Palinistas ... and other news

Roland S. Martin calls for Obama to "go gangsta." So, does that include a Negro dialect?

Now, it's the New York Times defending Global Warming. They are saying that Global Warming is causing all these blizzards. Oh, yeah, and these bankruptcies are causing prosperity.

A report says that hundreds are forced into sex trade in Ohio. In a completely unrelated report, John Edwards announces he is moving to Ohio. (Okay, I made that part up.)

Did you see the story about the man that attacked a row of TVs in a Walmart? In his defense, Obama was on every channel.

Then there's the White House Intern (AKA Barack Obama). Despite what he said in the campaign, he now says he is "agnostic" about tax increases for those making under $250K. At least he's not Muslim about it.

Personally, I'm not bothered by Obama's broken promises. I'd hate it if he did everything he said he'd do.

Look for this campaign bumper sticker: Generic 2012

Now the government wants to track your cell phone. Really.

Why isn't the success in Iraq also Bush's "fault?"

By the way, how far left to you have to be to think Hollywood is conservative?

Jake Tapper stepped in it yesterday. Did you hear? He tweeted: More facts for Palinistas to whine about: new poll on Palin shows 55% disapproval, 71% say she's unqualified >

He caught lots of flack for the "Palinistas" and "whine" part, especially after he tweeted about a poll showing problems for Obama, he used different wording: And some bad news for Obama supporters-- new Quinnipiac has 45% job approval, 46% disapproval >

Tapper apologized for the "whine" part, but not the usage of the term "Palinistas." Now, to be fair, that's not unique to him, and he did ask if there was a similar phrase for rabid Obama supporters ("rabid" is my term, not his). He got several. And I suspect he'll get more, once Frank J. posts something about it. I'm sure he will.

And, in case you're wondering -- you were wondering, weren't you? -- I do like Jake Tapper. He's one of the few real reporters out there. He's too fair to ever be an anchor at ABC, which is a shame.

Another one bites the dust.

Did you hear about Bill Nye, "The Science Is Settled Guy"

See? There is good economic news, if you look for it.

You know who my two favorite White people are? Betty and Barry. That's funny right there; I don't care who you are.

More news about color... MARTA is changing the Yellow line to the Gold line. But will the Black line become the Ebony line? Oh, wait...

I wasn't the only one making a visit to the doctor yesterday. According to an MSNBC report Bill Clinton "was originally scheduled to come in to the hospital Wednesday but postponed the appointment until Thursday due to inclement weather." Nobody told the media ahead of time. Yesterday afternoon, they were peeing all over themselves.

Yesterday ended odd for me. It could be described with one word. See if you can guess the word. About 5:30, I realized it was Thursday and not Friday. Dammit. Then, Wife wasn't at work when I arrived to pick her up just after that. Because we drove separate. Dammit.

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