Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teh Blogger got teh Pages

It happened over two weeks ago, but if I spent my entire life only two weeks behind, I'd be way ahead of where I am now.

What I'm talking about is Pages. On teh Blogger.

Blogger is Google's blogging platform. (We won't discuss it's merits or shortcomings here; every platform, including the big one, WordPress, have shortcomings.)

One of the things about teh Blogger that was most frustrating to some (including to me) was it's lack of support for pages.

What I'm talking about are content pages that aren't part of a blog post. Like an About Me page. Or a Contact page. Things like that. It was either a blog post (that resided along with the other blog posts), or it was hosted elsewhere (probably Google Sites content).

But, earlier this month, teh Blogger announced that Pages was now a standard feature.

Since this little blog is running on teh Blogger platform, it's a big deal to me. I'm using Pages to list this little blog's policies (they were blog pages):
I'm glad to see teh Google adding useful features to teh Blogger, rather than taking away functions. I've not regretted moving back to teh Blogger from WordPress. But, now I'm not regretting it more.


  1. Yeah Basil, I don't like it when people ask, "Will you link to me, yada yada yada?"

    I mean, it's like real pansified, and "needy" sounding.

    So, will you? Nyuk...

  2. I didn't even know blogger had enabled such a thing. See, come to Basil's and get edumacated and stuff! You're right though, I was parking things on google sites to keep them accessible to my blog yet off the main page. This pages thingy is better. Now to go figure it out...

  3. Andy:
    Heh. Of course, someone might read your comment and not check my blogroll and see that Andy's Place is already there.

    Teh Blogger's Pages thingy is teh awesome! And, if I can figure it out, you know it's a breeze.

  4. Funny Basil! Reeeeeeelllll funny!

    Triple Nyuk!

    Oh man, I'm hurting...

    I think innominatus is just sucking "Basil's the place to find out junk, and all. Come to Basil and be healed, yada yada yada..." Everybody knew Blogger had enabled pages.

    It's right there on the Blogger Dashboard. It's hidden under "Edit Pages."

    Midget wrestling...nyuk!

  5. Hey Basil, believe it or not, I get dozens of visits daily from "midget wrestling" searches.

    This is the post they hit...mostly, but not all, from image searches.


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