Sunday, February 21, 2010

Obligatory Ron Paul Won The CPAC Poll Post

News outlets are playing up the CPAC straw poll that Ron Paul won.

Some are asking "What does this mean?" Others are saying "Here's what this means."

Being a conservative blogger -- I'm a better at being a conservative than I am at being a blogger -- it's my duty to either ask what it means, or say what it means.

So, I'll do neither.

Instead, I'll tell you why Ron Paul is a nutcase: Because he's nuts.

Oh, sure, he has some good ideas. There are many, many issues where he and I agree. And, where we disagree, it's likely an issue where I'm more conservative than he.

But, there are areas where I agree with Barack Obama. Like sending more troops to Afghanistan. If the military says they need more troops, they should get more troops.

And, if we want to play to "I agree with ..." game, it could done with just about anybody.

And, on lots of issues, Ron Paul is right.

But, he's like that crazy uncle that fought in the big war. He was right about so many things, and has done a lot of good. But also walks down to the post office and pees on the plastic plants in the corner.

That's Ron Paul. Here's an old CNN video where he says he doesn't accept the 9/11 commission findings, and says that our presence in the region contributed to the attacks.

[Direct link]

You know who else blames the U.S. presence for the 9/11 attacks? Osama bin Laden.

Yes, Ron Paul has some good ideas.

But he needs to shut up and go pee on the plants in the post office.

Update: I also posted this at IMAO. And boy, did it ever attract the Ron Paul trolls there!


  1. Basil, I can listen to Ron Paul for 30 seconds and be like "right on, right on, right on!" Then two seconds later, he can throw a shoe that no sane human can catch.

    I met "Dr. Ron Paul," and many of his friends in the early 90's in Colorado. They were all of the "God, Gold, and Guns" stripe. I love them all to this day...and truly understand from whence they come...and have few disagreements with them.

    But, "Dr. Ron Paul" just can not hold his junk together long enough to present a coherent message.

    The fact that almost 1/3 of CPAC attendees find him qualified to be Pres says something about the organization.

    Don't get me wrong. I know that Dr. Ron Paul is probably right on danged near everything (except for the obvious incoherent stuff that can not be interpreted by mortals).

    But, Jeez Louise! Maybe I'm just hoping for something that has NO chance of happening...a charming, charismatic, conservative, cult-like figure with brains enough to bite their tongue when need be...and not creep people out by running on and on too long.

    ...kinda like this comment.

    Maybe somebody will show up. If I had to pick somebody right now, it would be Romney. But only because he is the least lame of them all, IMHO.

  2. I might change my mind later, but right now, I'm split between supporting Other and Undecided in 2012.

  3. Did you have to close the comments on this at IMAO? I saw it already had 51 comments and I wanted to read the crazy, but it isn't displaying any of them.
    Then again it is probably just wordpress burping. That wouldn't be much of a surprise.

  4. Didn't close the comments. And, I checked: no one else did, either. They're still open on that post. Must be a WP hiccup or something. There was an issue with a plugin overloading the database the other day, but I thought Frank had it fixed.

    I'm able to see all the comments over there, even when not logged in. That's true of Firefox and Safari browsers. (I'll have to boot to Windows to check on IE 8)

  5. Basil . . . Dr. Ron Paul is a terrific old guy with a lot of good ideas. But he's too old to do much more than contribute them and hope someone is listening. Yeah, now and then he goes on a toot. So who is perfect?

    More to the point, libertarianism can no longer be a primary political ambition. We really do need a government for a few things. Our military should not be a private business. Our military suppliers should. We need a government run FBI policing force and a CIA for an off shore policing force. We do not need anything called the Homeland Security abomination. Does the Constitution really say that we need Federal interferance in our nations public schools? If not, why not give control back to the states. They couldn't do any worse.

    So in the end our government must be a combination of liberal, conservative, and libertarian ideas. If any one goes too far, it is hoped that the other two will join forces to bring the danm thing back to the approximate middle.

    We need to do that NOW!

  6. Government is too big, and out of control. We need strong Constitutional conservatives in government.

    I'm not too big on liberal ideas, since that's what got us this big government we suffer from today. Or, maybe I should say "liberals implementing their ideas." An intelligent Constitutional conservative will listen to liberal's ideas, pick the parts that have merit, and implement them in the framework of our Constitution.


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