Monday, February 22, 2010

Spying, fighting, not fighting, Ron Paul ... and other news

I wonder who's spying on me while I'm on my MacBook.

First Pakistan. Now the Philippines. Everyone but Obama is fighting terrorists.

Andy does not like the negro.

Gina Cobb found a cartoon that is teh funneh.

I met Glenn Reynolds at CPAC. What? He didn't go? That's okay. Neither did I.

Okay, this is nuts.

Macker takes issue with Charles Johnson.

Ron Paul hasn't been the same since the Three Billy Goats Gruff beat him up over that bridge. 17 hours ago reply

My Ron Paul-CPAC post? I also posted it at IMAO. And, boy, the Ron Paul swamped it over there.

CBS headline: "Democrats worried about Obama's track record," I, too, was worried about his record. In 2008.

The Olympics: TiVo's raison d'être. I cleared several movies off the TiVo yesterday.

When will Bart Simpson get a friend named "Hussein"?

There were only a few slices of bologna in the 'fridge. I suggested giving it to the cat. Wife checked expiration date on the packet. But she doesn't do that when I want a sandwich.

More later about this: Google/Blogger took this little blog down overnight. It's back. In case you hadn't noticed.

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  1. Haven't you heard? Biden says Obama's greatest accomplishment is Iraq and the war on terror.

    I thought those Dems didn't believe there was any such thing as a war on terror? I thought Bush made it all up to go to war for cheap oil?

  2. He did go to war for cheap oil. That's why you haven't paid over $1/gallon for gas since 2003!

    The more you know...


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