Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I miss W ... and other news

If you criticize Obama, you're not just a racist, you love al Qaeda

That "Miss Me Yet?" Billboard? They know who put it up. Sort of. Word is it's small business owners who feel Washington is against them. That narrows the number down to 119.9 million

Sri Lanka's president dissolves parliament. Hmmm. Can we do that to Congress? Like, in a vat of acid?

First, Murtha. Now, Mehsud. These deaths come in threes, right? So, who will be the next enemy of America to die?

Lap dances for Haiti? Really? What's next, Hookers for the Homeless? Actually, that might work.

Pass Obamacare or coyotes will invade Manhattan!

When is an American not an American? When the State Department says so. By the way, has the State Dept revoked Jim Treacher's citizenship yet?

Will all celebrities autograph their airport body scans, or only the really cool ones?

So, has the White House appointed a FAX Czar yet?

If it wasn't for Global Warming, there would be woolly mammoths walking the streets of Washington, DC.

Lawsuit over turkeys in Hilton Head. It may be Hilton Head, but it's still South Carolina.

Felony snowball throwing in Virginia. Which makes Frosty the Snowman a weapon of mass destruction.

If you don't like the job the Black man is doing, it's that he's Black, not that he's incompetent. Who said that? Supporters of Obama? Guess again. Every time he seems like he might be okay, he says something stupid.

More about Palin's hand-writing... Some of my favorite lines from others:
  • OBAMA WASN'T AWARE OF PALIN USING NOTES ON HAND UNTIL BEING FULLY BRIEFED BY HIS TELEPROMPTER (Jared H. McAndersen AKA TheLookingSpoon, Velvet Hammer)/ Yeah, I know. All caps is bad form. But that's how it was written
  • Psychics like Palin because she's easy to palm read. (Frank J.)

Which ties into yesterday's big Twitter meme: #4WordsOnObamasHand. My offerings:
  • The 'P' is silent
  • There are fifty states
  • I am not Muslim
  • I {heart} Chris Matthews
  • Don't bow to Whitey
  • Don't call on Fox
  • Don't quote from Qur'an
  • Order new birth certificate
  • Blame it on Bush
  • Cancel Murtha's birthday party
  • Ask Soros for raise
  • Practice "Il Duce" pose
  • I, me, my, mine
  • Milk, Bread, Hope, Change
  • Cancel Las Vegas trip
  • Seven with one blow
Dick Cheney writes notes on his hand ... with your blood.

In other politics... John Bambenek is a candidate for the IL GOP State Central Committee in the 15th District.

Poll of Alabama Republicans: Huckabee 33, Palin 23, Romney 12 (tip: Bill Dupray)

Democrats are blaming Rahm Emanuel for the failure of health care, rather than their support for a flawed bill. As long as Democrats don't understand the reason for their failures, their failures will continue. And that is good news.

Yukky story of the day: Rat Eaten on Show Costs Station $2,600.

Kids, get active and fit. Or MI'Sel will come after you!

Meggie Mac: Tea party is racist.

Why does the US have "Barack Obama" while Nigeria has "Goodluck Jonathan"?

Low intelligence among top heart health risks. Which is proof that voting Democrat is bad for you.

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