Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympics, POTUS, GOP ... and other news

A Georgia man held in a killing implicates his twin brother. I see a Law & Order episode in someone's future.

Some compared the USA hockey win over Canada to the 1980 win over the Soviet Union. Which is silly.

Why Winter Olympics are teh ghey.

For the sake of diversity, the Army was "willing to overlook (Ft. Hood shooter MAJ Nidal Malik) Hasan’s deficiencies as an officer." (tip: Sissy Willis)

ABC News Report: POTUS hopes the health care reform summit will "cleanse" the health care reform bill and process. Actually, all of Washington needs an enema.

Remember the last time Obama was right about an issue? Me neither.

Facts are stubborn things. Unless you're a Democrat. Then, they're just something to be ignored.

With unemployment at 10.6%, things are tough under Obama. How tough? Harry Reid said Barack Obama is responsible for men beating their wives.

Enough about Barry. I imagine there are some Republicans I can pick on. Let's see...

Due to a severe shortage of tin foil, Ron Paul supporters are urged to not venture out in public today.

Oh, and GOP? How's that Scott Brown working out for you? Of course, you should keep in mind that, in Massachusetts, a Republican is someone to doesn't perform the abortion themselves. On the other hand, Brown was better than the alternative (Coakley) for Massachusetts voters. Plus, the 80% rule applies. But those that hoped he would be a hard-core conservative need a reality kick to the head.

Dick Cheney was put in the hospital yesterday. Which leads to today's Question of the Day: Will the left's comments on Cheney's hospitalization be worse than their comments on Limbaugh's hospitalization?

Enough of teh politics. Other news...

There is a vacuum cleaner museum? I bet that place sucks.

Someone sold Action Comics No. 1 for $1-million? So what? The big story: somebody PAID $1-million for it.

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