Monday, February 8, 2010

Super? I wasn't bowled over.

Super Bowl good news: the game was close and the outcome in doubt until late.

Super Bowl bad news: now we have to put up with a bunch of Saints fans that, until this year, weren't Saints fans.

After seeing the Tebow ad, my first thought was "Don't those who were complaining about the ad without seeing it feel silly now?" Turns out that they are now saying it promotes violence against women.

[YouTube direct link]

Video: Focus on the Family: Tebow

You can see the full spot, plus a second spot that didn't air, here.

The best commercial? I thought the Snickers spot was really funny:

[YouTube direct link]

The rest of the spots? So-so. Except one. The Late Show with David Letterman commercial that had Jay Leno was funny:

[YouTube direct link]

Yes, I did TiVo the game. And, used the fast-forward a lot. To get to the commercials. Overall, it was a waste of time.


  1. Basil, that Snickers ad is funny, but where is the AARP screaming that it promotes violence against old people?

    Just sayin'...

  2. Yeah, right. Like the AARP cares about old people.

  3. Nyuk! I started getting their gar-bage a few months ago. You can guess where it ends up. Have a good day, Basil.

  4. I watched up until half-time. I took the dog out for a final walk and came back inside thinking that if things hadn't changed I was just going to turn it off.

    They onside kicked and turned the game around. So I stuck around.

    Watching Peyton Manning lose never gets old. If you looked up "pouty face" in the dictionary you'd see his face.


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