Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whores, attention whores ... and other news

The economy in Columbus is so bad, whores must advertise on Craig's List.

Since the Saints won, does that football player have to marry that Cardassian? And what does it mean for Bajor?

I don't see the Super Bowl helping New Orleans at all. Like people need a reason to go there to party.

They're so happy the Saints won the Super Bowl, they're shooting each other in New Orleans. Imagine if they had lost.

About the "Green Police" ad during the Super Bowl ... I'm wouldn't be too worried about some environmental goofball driving a Prius.

Did Obama pick the Colts? Or the Saints?

New poll shows 44% of Americans have their heads up their butts.

The Dow closed below 10,000 for the first time since ... earlier in the Obama administration. #

Penn Jillette had a column about Obama's latest Vegas insult.

Some are feigning getting all upset about Palin writing notes on her hand. Or, maybe they really are upset. Hard to tell.

Best line about this came from BOTeleprompter: Big Guy says he'd write speeches on his hand, but would lose place when he wags his finger at the American people.

Some on the right criticized Palin, too. Which set off a (mostly) good-natured back-and-forth between some on the right. My favorite slap on that one was when Dr. Melissa Clouthier used the phrase "Sullivanesque".

A couple of Firefox add-ons --Master Filer & Sothink Web Video Downloader -- contain malware. (Tip: mikepfs)

Is anyone surprised that Red Eye has better ratings than CNN prime time? Besides, me. You see, I didn't know CNN was still on the air.

Does Danica Patrick's new NASCAR vehicle have a double-sided lighted makeup mirror?

The US Patent Office won't accept faxes that are upside down. Really. And some people want this government in charge of health care.

If they finally got Hell hot enough for Ted Kennedy, you knew it was just a matter of time for John Murtha.

Best line about Murtha's death came from Seth M I Hiles (WordMarvin): Dear St. Peter, Please judge Rep. Murtha more fairly than he judged the Haditha Marines.

So, what killed John Murtha? There are many suspects:
  • The Tim Tebow commercial killed John Murtha.
  • Sarah Palin's appearance at the Tea Party convention killed John Murtha.
  • Making fun of Obama's teleprompter killed John Murtha.
  • Earl Hebner killed John Murtha.
  • Climate Change killed John Murtha.
  • Peyton Manning killed John Murtha.
Turns out there's a report that Murtha's doctor nicked his intestines during gall bladder surgery.

The Florida Cracker shared these thoughts: Murtha has passed away -that is very sad- i think we should name an airport after him.

But, enough about dead low-lifes. Let's talk about me.

Memory loss is the third sign of aging. No, I don't remember what the first two are. Anyway, yesterday, at lunch, I couldn't remember where I parked. Turns out, it was in the 2nd and 5th place I looked. No, the car didn't move itself. I don't think it moved itself. But, the 2nd place I looked, I didn't see the car. I checked two other floors of the garage, then went back to that floor, and there it was. Sneaky car.

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