Friday, February 26, 2010

Georgia's new state bird

First, in Mississippi, there's the mascot change at the University of Mississippi.

Now, in Georgia, somebody wants to change the State Bird. Right now, the Brown Thrasher is the state bird. I learned that in Georgia History class back in the 8th grade. But, quite honestly, I don't know if I've ever seen one.

There's a fellow in Augusta who wants to change the state bird ... to the chicken.

Now, sure, chickens account for $15-billion a year to the state's economy. But, really, is the chicken the best representation for the state? Having grown up in Georgia, I have some ideas.

The mosquito

The house fly

The Sand Gnat

The buzzard

The Obama Bird

There may be better suggestions for the state bird of Georgia. Perhaps for other states, too.

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  1. I think Louisiana should change our State bird from the Eastern Brown Pelican (I've actually seen a bunch of them) to the Jailbird. (I've seen a whole LOT more of them)


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