Friday, May 20, 2005

Breakfast 2005-05-20

I invited a few friends over for breakfast this morning. And, little do they know, I'm sneaking out the back door. My son is graduating high school and I'm hitting the road this weekend. I asked them to turn off the lights and lock up when they leave.

Oh, and the trash bags are under the sink. And the doctor's number and the sheriff's office number are on the fridge.

Now, before we go, are soem places where you'll find specials to have with your breakfast:

  • phin's blog always has something fun worth digesting.

  • aTypicalJoe has food for thought.

  • moehawk keeps you informed and entertained.

  • It'sAPundit has, well who knows what those folks have planned?

  • IMAO has funny. And it's the second-best group on the Internet.


  1. ?ber-Minister Maximus of Love

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's Friday, so blegging is free!

  2. This Bud's for Jib Jab

    Jib Jab, creators of This Land is Your Land and other funny, creative internet animated spots, has teamed up with Anheuser Busch to make commercials for Budweiser.

  3. It's What's For Breakfast

    I was just over at Basil's Blog looking at the breakfast menu and I had a Spam flashback.

  4. Harrisburg harbinger?

    A while back, I posted a couple of items on how the GOP was courting the Black community. I mentioned how it would be interesting to see how this plays out. Last week, there was a fund raiser in Harrisburg, Pa. The MSM did not think much of it, since...


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