Saturday, May 28, 2005

Fake Sites

Yesterday, moehawk asked me a question about the Alliance of Communist Blogs:
when are you going to update the Alliance of Communist Blogs?

just when i was enjoying my status of "under investigation" or something like that, nothing.

Well, quite simply, I won't. And here's why:

I have done four fake sites, three as part of Alliance assignments/filthy lies. They were fun to create, and all got some very positive reaction.
  • Bloggers & Me: This was an Alliance assignment asking about Michael Moore's next movie. My post was that Michael Moore was doing a film about bloggers, and he was blogging his research. The fake site was support for my post.
  • It's A Pundit: This was the biggie. I began work on this one right after Bloggers & Me debuted. I had the idea to do a fake Instapundit site, but nothing more than that. When April approached, I decided to do a single-page site as an April 1st joke. Beth asked several bloggers if they had any ideas for a joint April Fool's Day gag, and I offered It', which she and others liked. They have been contributing ever since.
  • The Alliance of Communist Blogs: This Alliance assignment was about dealing with China. My post was that while others felt caution was necessary when dealing with China, I didn't. And I ended with the question "What can they do to us?" And the fake site was punch line.
  • Sigmund, Carl and Alfred?: The Alliance Filthy Lie was how Evil Glenn deals with writer's block. My post was the setup and SCA? was the punch line.
  • UPDATE June 1, 2005: I have added a fifth. The Therapist?. You really have to start with this post, then go to the home page. The fake site is a joke (on my part) gone horribly wrong.

All of these, even It'sAPundit, were intended as one-time jokes. So many people enjoyed It'sAPundit that it has continued and even added authors. While it's not as big as when it started, it still pulls more visitors than lots of blogs, which amazes me.

SCA? might continue. The real Sigmund, Carl and Alfred actually approved the idea. Unlike Glenn Reynolds, who never approved It'sAPundit. Anyway, SCA liked SCA? and has suggested that it continue. Time will tell if it continues.

As for The Alliance of Communist Blogs, there are no plans for it to continue. There's already a great Commie-based blog called The Politburo Diktat. No way could I approach what's done there.

Having said that, if anyone wants to continue The Alliance of Communist Blogs, contact me about it we can discuss. I'm open to anyone with an interest taking it over. I foresee no circumstances that would have me adding content to it. But that could change.

But I don't think so.


  1. There's also the People's Cube, formerly Communists for Kerry. Funny as hell.

  2. well, it was worth a try....

    i got a good laugh out of it, and i hate to see something so funny go away, but i'll get over it.

    i'm looking forward to your next fake site!

  3. Tom:
    How did I forget that one? Yes, it's a funny one!

  4. moehawk:
    Remember I wrote if anyone wants to continue The Alliance of Communist Blogs, contact me about it we can dicsuss. I'm open to anyone with an interest taking it over.If you or anyone wants to take it over, by all means ...

  5. Comrades! We must consolidate our efforts into one tight revolutionary fist! Submit your propaganda to The People's Cube which is a more developed collective site! The invitation extends to authors of this site as well.

    Anyone interested in the re-education of the masses, unite!

  6. Right Wing Nut HouseMay 29, 2005 at 2:53 PM


    We're slouching toward Memorial Day here at the House and yardwork has occupied most of my weekend. Sue is a radical green - gardner that is. By radical, I mean she's the Ward Churchill of cucumbers, the Nancy Pelosi of Tomatos, and the Barbara Boxer...

  7. Red Square:
    Again, my humblest apologies for the earlier omission. I ran to my BlogRoll to get a link to use as an example, and only grabbed one, the first one I ran across. No slight was intended.

  8. And I thought *I* was a lunatic who blogged in too many places :-)

  9. Harvey:
    You are. This changes nothing.


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