Saturday, May 21, 2005

A chip off the ole block

If you've been reading basil's blog long I'm sure you're wondering just what the man behind the blog looks like. Well for your viewing pleasure, I'm prepared to release an up to date photo of basil. Not only do you get an updated photo of basil you get to see the worlds next heart throb, basil jr.*

Since it's graduation it was the perfect time to catch basil and basil jr. in their natural habitat as they were walking across campus.

graduation picture

Isn't there an uncanny resemblance between basil and his son? I thought my father and I resembled each other but we don't hold a candle to these two. And basil sure has aged well; he doesn't look a day over six if you ask me.

Now y'all need to promise not to tell basil where you saw the picture of him and basil jr. We'll just keep this a secret between us.

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