Saturday, May 21, 2005

Not made in the USA

Yahoo news:

Need a plastic White House? How about an "I love Washington" sweatshirt or a Stars and Stripes for the car? Well, thanks to communist China, you won't break the bank.

...Little more than a flick of a patriotic frisbee from the White House is a cornucopia of tourist kitsch, at knockdown prices courtesy of low-wage workers halfway across the globe.

Tourists can choose a "President of the United States" baseball cap, with a pirated official seal across the front -- good value at 12 dollars.

Or plump for a pewter-style handheld statue of Abe Lincoln or a model of the US Capitol for eight dollars.

Even more ironic is the seven buck scene of one of the quintessential moments of American mythology, the raising of the US flag by marines at the World War II battle of Iwo Jima.

In one of the most patriotic nations on earth, each of these pieces bears a "Made in China" sticker on its base.


  1. Makes me sick! Too many things made in China, and the irony of it being patriot American stuff that gives Commies money. Great post.

  2. sad but true....the worst is when you go to buy an American flag, only to see the sticker that says "Made in China", or Thailand, or anywhere other than the USA

  3. I knew it. That T-Shirt I bought said Hoolay for de Birr of Lights.

  4. Makes you wonder what the Chinese slave laborers must think as they're packaging that crap up to ship over here.

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  6. this has been a serious bone of contention for me ever since Clinton and the Congress signed that worthless piece of legislation called NAFTA AND GATT.that is one bill I wish Coongress would repeal instead of wasting valuable energy and breath on a lot of other worthless nonsense.I hate buying anything with China and even worse now we got stuff made in Vietnam,as a child of a Vietnam Vet that is unexusable.I'll be glad when we can actually find some politicians who actually knows and believes in "America First" and not just give lip service to it.

  7. Mac Davis is now running a 'Nigerian scam' operation, but from South Africa? Gosh, those royalties from those songs in the '70s must have run out. It's a shame. A shame, I tell you.

  8. I work for an online USA made clothing company. I receive emails daily from people trying to get us to buy their frgn junk & sell it. No Way!!! We've worked too hard to get where we are to throw it away.



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