Thursday, May 19, 2005

Headline News: 5/19/2005

From ABC News:
British MP Galloway says 'blew away' U.S. committee
Others thought he just blew

From CNN:
Reptile gets VIP treatment at Georgia park
Harry Reid visits Six Flags

From CNN:
PETA accuses lab of punching monkeys
Not the first time family pet has expressed anger with simians

From KSAT:
Records: Blacks stopped more often
Also concludes sun rises in east

From Washington Post:
Gaming Expo Bars Bloggers
Most bloggers would be at the bar anyway

From ABC News:
Star Wars Fans Happy With Last 'Episode'
Now George Lucas can finally produce Howard The Duck II, and III

From ABC News:
Man Said to Use Pastor's Computer for Porn
Nude photos of ladies choir were for pastor's personal use, preacher sues

From ABC News:
Jerry Lewis' Near-Fatal Struggle With Pain
Actually watched one of his old movies

From ABC News:
GOP Aides Say New Patriot Act Obliges Bush
Will allow President to build Death Star

From Washington Post:
Microsoft Eyes Older Machines
Thinks they're sexy


  1. MoeBetta Headlines 05/19/05

    MoeBetta Headlines 05/19/05

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  4. Re: KSAT story. What I want to know is, what qualifies a person to become a "racial profiling expert?"


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