Thursday, May 12, 2005

Supper 2005-05-12

Try one of these specials with your supper:


  1. Excellent links- especially the Hundred Percenter. Fascinating read. Now all we need to know is what it all means.

  2. Thanks. Most of these are sites that have added me to their BlogRoll recently, and I hadn't previously seen. All except Acidman. He won't add me to his BlogRoll. Even though I'm from SE Georgia.

    I think he's scared of me. :)

  3. Unprecedented obstructionism

    This editorial has all the facts and figures on dem/leftist obstructionism.

  4. ">"A year and a half after he was taken, his inert

    ">"A year and a half after he was taken, his inert body was seen on television screens around the world, hanging by the neck. It was to be more than two years later -- December 1991 - that his remains were dumped on a Beirut street, to be buried with...


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