Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Headline News: 5/24/2005

From CNN:
Iraqi prime minister to visit Syria
Wants country's weapons of mass destruction back

From ABC News:
Products Placed Liberally in Video Games
GOP decries media bias

From ABC News:
High School's Lone Senior Graduates
Nearly went blind at Senior prom

From ABC News:
Poll: Daley's Approval at 16-Year Low
Among live voters; still holds wide lead among dead voters

From CNN:
Female Afghan TV host shot dead
Death of innocents not considered a problem; Possible U.S. abuses of terrorists decried

From ABC News:
Newsweek Reporter Says He Dropped the Ball
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Can Humans Live With 'Maneaters'?
Daryl Hall, John Oates called in as consultants

From ABC News:
The Resurrection: Searching for Answers
Maybe the Bible has something on that topic

From ABC News:
U.S. House votes to outlaw computer spyware
Will be as effective as laws outlawing spam, drugs, and prostitution

From ABC News:
Iraq Qaeda says Zarqawi wounded, urges prayers-Web
Dear Lord,
We ask Your guidance upon our soldiers, that You may steady their eye and that their aim be true and that the next time that sorry bastard gets in someone's sights that they are able to blow his freakin' head off.


  1. On a completely separate note, any idea on moehawk? Blogger says he site is gone.

  2. Great headlines, Basil! Iraq wants their WMD back. heh

    And I second Teach's curiosity. Both moehawk's and Dane's blogs are not showing up. They were both fine this morning.

  3. William Teach, Moe:
    It was there earlier, but, like you, I'm getting word that it's gone. With moehawk and Dane both missing, I'm thinking it's Blogger acting up. Oh, and my old blog (which is on Blogger) appears to be missing, and I didn't delete it. So, it's a Blogger thing. I'm sure they'll fix it, being the on-the-ball organization they are.

  4. Tuesday

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  5. Sultan of the Black Forest

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's Wictory Wednesday (And Riley cut her first tooth yesterday!)

  6. if it is basil.blogspot.com, it is also showing up high on the original alliance roll, too :)

    Looks like moe is back.

  7. That's it, my old site: http://basils.blogspot.com/.

    I've asked Bear to correct it many times, but he's got better things to do. The Alliance's alternate BlogRoll has the right address.

    From the looks of things, Bear is counting links to both the old and new in his numbers, so I should not complain. Still, I'd rather get accurate referrer stats by him correcting it. Oh, well.

    Oh, and like you indicated, all the Blogger sites are back.

  8. MoeBetta Headlines 05/25/05

    MoeBetta Headlines 05/25/05


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