Tuesday, May 24, 2005

WTW: Graduation

White Trash WednesdaysEver since this past weekend, I've been debating whether to do the White Trash Wednesday post myself, or let Cousin Red take care of things as normal.
Hey, you promised I'd get Wednesdays, and it ain't right to renege on a promise.

Well, as you can tell, this will be a split post. I'm going to talk about this past weekend's trip to my home town and my son's high school graduation.
Hey, don't forget the nephew's graduation!

That's right. My Big Sister (who's 5'4") and her husband were proud parents this weekend when their son, Master Thespian, graduated.
So, you gonna tell about what all went on, or just run your mouth?

Patience, please. I need to again thank phin, moehawk, and Joe for taking care of the blog.

  • phin was guest-blogging on another blog and pulled double-duty. Well, triple-duty, because he kept his going.

  • moehawk had to put up with TypePad having issues at the most inopportune time.

  • Joe was on the road himself, attending a graduation exercise, but took the time to cover for me.

I said it before, those guys are great.
Okay, yeah, they covered for your sorry butt. We get it. Friends do that. You ain't got to go on and on about it.

Anyway, my son was in the Honors ceremony on Thursday. He was recognized as an honor graduate, along with some other stuff that I never qualified for when I was in school. And got a scholarship to Mercer University. The boy done good.
Yep, he's got a good head on his shoulders. He did like you could have done if you hadn't been so lazy in school.

Bite me. Anyway, I was very proud of the Little Prince.

Friday night was the actual graduation ceremony. It was held at the football stadium.
The stadium was build by the Jaycees. You know, the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Or, as it was known in my home town, the Wife-Swap Club.

Jaycee Stadium used to be at the high school. Well, the stadium didn't move, but the high school did. The building is now the police station.
Well, since the police were at the high school so much anyway, they decided to put in an office there. Then they built a new high school down the road. The high school moved. The police have the old building now.

With 292 students graduating or receiving certificates of attendance, and with their families and guests, the only place large enough is the stadium.
Back when I was in high school, they used to specify who got certificates of attendance instead of diplomas. They don't do that anymore. Folks might get upset if everyone knew their stupid kid was stupid.

There are valid reasons some don't get diplomas. Illness can cause a child fail to meet the requirements. There's also ...
Get back to the story.

There were some people dressed like they have never been to town.
Doggone! A little harsh, aren't you? But, you do got a point. It looked for all the world like an episode of "Cops" the way some of then were dressed. Tell what the one guy in front of us was wearing.

It looked like his best Dale Earnhardt cap.
Hey, nothing but the best for graduation.

I just don't understand why people don't think a graduation ceremony is something that rates a little class and decorum.
You got to admit one thing: the Huddle House was empty because the whole crew was at graduation.

For anyone who doesn't understand what the Huddle House is, think Waffle House, but for small towns.
Yeah, it's where the drunks go when the bars close. Oh, and what about the crew in the end zone?

Yeah, the ones with the air horns? You're going to have to explain me what that's all about.
Don't be harsh. Some folks are so happy that their kids got a diploma or certificate instead of an indictment that they had to celebrate.

And what about people leaving early?
You mean after their little near-dropout got his/her certificate of attendance or (maybe) diploma, the folks that just got up and started walking out? They had to get back to the Huddle House. Or the trailer park. Folks got to do what they got to do and damn everyone else.

My home town. Heck, I could write about them every Wednesday, I think.
Hey, you didn't tell about the nephew's graduation.

Some similarities. Lots of folks didn't dress up for graduation.
Hey, be nice. Some was wearing their best overalls.

They had issues with the sound system...
Don't be so picky! You don't expect them to actually test stuff out ahead of time or do a full run-through, do you? And windscreens for microphones cost nearly $3.00 at the Radio Shack. They can't afford those. So cut them some slack.

I guess my age is showing. I don't understand why people don't treat graduation like it's something important. Heck, if parents don't think it's important, no wonder kids act like hoodlums.
Hey, they ain't acting. Lots of them actually are hoodlums.

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  2. Now that's funny ish. Fact of the matter is that I didn't even go to my high school graduation. I didn't feel it necessary to spend my last two weeks in high school in "meetings" with the culminating event being me spending money to sweat my gonads off on a Saturday.

    I had better things to do; my job, sleep, fart...

  3. Chris:
    Some folks at my home town did both. I didn't mention the woman behind me on her cell phone talking business. Probably no one was sleeping, what with all the noise. Farting? There was something going on that indicated some of that.

  4. Good stuff, sounds almost like my high school graduation.

    The truly scary part about it is the parents don't realize how idiotic they look.

  5. That's why we have White Trash Wednesdays: America's mirror.

  6. Did you hear about the dyslexic Rabbi?*

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  7. At my graduation, everyone was nicely dressed, but not necessarily behaved. We don't have certificates up north her (at least not when I was in school.) But sounds like the Little Price is doing well for himself.


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