Friday, May 20, 2005

The great get away

So basil's made his get away. It's a bit unfair if you ask me too. See we were sitting around chatting over for a breakfast of peanut butter cookies biscuits and gravy and then sneaks out the door. We figured out he was leaving when we heard the engine fire up and him screaming something about lollipops.

BasilgetwaySure he's got a decent excuse for leaving, like his son graduating, but he could have left us something decent to eat. I checked the fridge and there's some left over chicken and dumpling, but it may be a tad bit on the old side.

Hmmm, what to do for lunch??? It's to early to order pizza and beer for lunch so I'll have to see what's in the cupboard. Be back soon with lunch y'all.

Note #1: Sure he looks a bit young to drive, that's why he isn't, Mrs. basil (not featured in the picture) is driving.

Note #2: I know his yard looks like a lunar landscape. I keep telling basil to water the grass, but he just won't listen.


  1. ya know they coulda told somebody they were goin somewhere, maybe i would have gone too. anywho, good luck to the grad and my little step brother, who by the way has grown up waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to fast. i think he should still be like 12 or so. well, that's all from me, catch y'all later..... and yes i fed the chickens and ducks and goats.

  2. OH man .... a yard that looks worse than ours? Thought that couldn't happen.

  3. phin! I am tickled to see you taking turn over here, and I am tickled to see you referring to my cooking..... I think...
    The graduation was the fastest in our high school history, due to an impending storm. I'll let basil fill in the I am sure he will today or tomorrow.

  4. Dude! I left the number to the landscaper on the fridge! Oh, well. I'll take care of it Monday afternoon.


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