Thursday, May 12, 2005

Headline News: 5/12/2005

From CNN:
Calculus textbook author dies at 80
Thousands of students get their wish

From CNN:
EU moves up dirty beach campaign
First step of initiative is success, as beaches now dirtier than ever

From CNN:
Dell founder puts $99.5M in Red Hat
Cookie jar was full

From CNN:
Now grading your student essay -- a computer
Just select the report you downloaded, and Presto! the grade appears

From CNN:
Court won't block Ross execution
Rachel has accepted the inevitable

From CNN:
Senate passes war-spending bill 100-0
Stage now set for 2008 Democratic nominee to flip-flop on issue

From WESH:
Teacher fired for explosives lesson
For failing to offer suggestions on how to use bombs against Americans

From WDIV:
Man allegedly trades cigarettes for sex
You should see what he gets for a cigar

From KETV:
New law allows grocery store voting
Winn Dixie, Publix, A&P are now registered Democrats

From CNN:
White House, Capitol evacuated
Likewise, many congressmen's bowels

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  1. Headlines for Friday 5/13/2005

    As always there's more Headliny goodness to be had at basil's blog, oystersnout, and Moe's Woes.


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