Friday, May 20, 2005

Hillary a Catfish fan?

Basil invited me to guest blog while he was away and imediately I wondered, how can I make a Hillary Clinton post fit? You see, she's been on my mind because it was reported this week that Georgia Democrats back Hillary in '08.

Over at my place I'm battling a liberal who says she's smart and he likes her but because conservatives don't like her the Dems shouldn't pick her. I answered that I don't see Republicans choosing candidates based on how Democrats will react.

So my question here is twofold: what's your take on the notion that Georgia Democrats want her to run, and what do you think of Democrats who want to pick a candidate based on what the other side thinks?

Be gentle.

Oh, and how about if you begin your answer by telling me if you would shake her hand if she came to a Catfish game. If you think that's absurd, remember, that's precisely how she won over conservative upstate New York voters (and it is said that she enjoyed doing it).


  1. billary at a catfish game????? i wouldn't piss in her mouth if her throat was on fire, much less shake hands....but that's just me.

  2. Now come on, I asked that you please be gentle. :-)

    I guess that wasn't the best topic for my debut post eh?

  3. Hilary is not THAT awful. Better than the hick we have now.

  4. Well, if she sits near me, I'm going to ask to see her ticket.

    Oh, Anonymous, while "snuffie" might have said something "not nice" about Hillary, she had enough guts to leave her real contact info, including the online name she's used for years.

    What's up with you? Scared to leave your BellSouth e-mail address?


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